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Win a Family Ticket to Christmas at Willows Farm

Visiting The Santa Spectacular at Willows Farm at Christmas time has become a bit of a tradition in our household! We absolutely love it. It’s so Christmassy and just so lovely!

The effort they put in really pays off… there’s so much to do and it’s like a whole Christmas World for the kids and adults alike to become immersed in!

Highlights last year were the 3D Cinema where they showed a cute Christmas film about Santa and his Elves; the Create a Cuddle workshop where kids can stuff a soft toy to take home; the Elf Academy show; the ice skating and meeting the Reindeer!

willows farm christmas

willows farm santa spectacular christmas

willows farm ice skating christmas

We absolutely love the indoor soft play area where we can thaw out if it’s cold, grab some of the great food on offer and relax for a while! Well, us parents can anyway… the kids usually run riot!

The Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground which is absolutely brilliant, is open every day during Santa Spectacular and is not to be missed! Kids can also meet and greet Peter Rabbit at selected times throughout the day.

A trip to Willows isn’t complete either without a ride on Tristan the Tractor, which takes us on a magical musical journey through the festive woods!

Of course, the main event is meeting Father Christmas himself! The Santa’s Grotto at Willows Farm is the best we’ve been to. It’s visually stunning as you walk through a Winter Wonderland before arriving in Santa’s big log cabin. Once the kids have met him and told him their Christmas wishes, they’re given a golden key to access his toy shop where they get to CHOOSE any gift they want from hundreds of amazing toys!

willows father christmas

For the last few years we’ve arranged to meet my very lovely friend Ruth from Rocknrollerbaby and her brood, to spend the day together! We plan to do the same this year and honestly now, I don’t think it would be the same without them! Love this photo of all our kiddies with Father Christmas last year…. all looking very happy indeed!

There’s lots more to see too and it’s all included in the entry price… even the cuddly toys to take home!

This festive season, Santa Spectacular at Willows Activity Farm is the only event for families looking for a truly magical day out. Starting from 22 November – 24 December, visitors can enjoy the ultimate festive experience in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

For your chance to WIN a family ticket for up to four people, simply fill out the widget below and enter as many options as you can to be in with more chances!

Best of luck!

Mummy Endeavours – Win a Family Ticket to Santa’s Spectacular at Willows Farm

Four Ways to Encourage Your Children’s Creativity

All children are creative by nature, but some are much more so than others. Those that are more creative when they are young generally go on to be more confident as they become older as the ability to see things differently makes it easier to take on life’s challenges. Here are four ways to ensure your child is able to make the most of their creative instincts.

Feed their imagination

Reading aloud to your children when they are young will give them an incentive to read by themselves when they are older and strengthen both their imagination and their ability to emphasise with others. Some children, boys especially, may express a dislike of reading but this can usually be overcome by finding the right material. There has been an explosion of high-quality children’s literature in recent years and the many thrilling tales of young footballers, spy academies and teenagers trying to survive in dystopian worlds should strike a chord with even the most cynical youngsters.

Film and television can also have a role in feeding imagination but it’s important to monitor both the content and the time spent watching so that their viewing doesn’t detract from other activities.

Let them loose on a project

Family birthday, anniversaries and holiday celebrations are a perfect time for your children to stretch their creative muscles. Making cards the old-fashioned way with paper, glue and glitter can be a messy business and frustrating as any mistake means having to start over.

Providing your children with access to an online card maker, either alone or under your supervision depending on their age, means they can experiment with designs and colours to their heart’s content. Far from being limiting, studies have shown that access to apps and computer programs that allow children to paint, draw or make music all encourage creativity.

Show, don’t tell

Academic studies have found that children who watch other people being creative go on to become more creative themselves. These findings fit in well with other studies that suggest the children of highly creative parents are also likely to be creative. Although there is some evidence to suggest some elements of creativity are genetic, scientists believe these traits are more likely to derive from observation. This means if you want your children to grow up with the ability to find creative solutions to any problems they may encounter, they need to see that you can do the same.

Encourage outside the box thinking

Play a game where you try to come up with as many different uses for an item as you can. Allow your child to make simple decisions such a what to have for lunch, accompanied by a rule that they can never have the same thing twice in a week to ensure they are reaching for new ideas. At the end of simple stories, such as the one about the Three Little Pigs, ask if there are other ways the story might have ended or talk about what might have happened to a minor character in a story while the hero or heroine was having their adventure. You can also use open-ended questions and “what if” scenarios to encourage your child to use their imagination and fill in the blanks.

I love all of these ideas and I’m guilty of not doing as much ‘creative’ play with my children as I think would benefit them, so I’ll definitely be trying some of these out at home!

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4 Home Improvement Ideas That Add Value

If you’re looking to move or sell your home in the near future, it’s a good idea to tackle your projects in order of importance. Prioritise your tasks so you’re focusing in on what’ll be most beneficial to you in the process.

Don’t assume what will add value. Do your homework and make sure you’re doing what the market calls for before making any sudden moves. Take your time and incorporate the updates as it makes sense. You want to be certain that the money you’re investing will be worth it in the end.

Here are four home improvement ideas that add value…


One way to add value and lower heating costs is to double glaze your windows. It’s recommended you speak with a glazing expert who can walk you through the process. Double glazing can save you money and reduce hot and cold spots in your house, as well as improving the value. Double glazing reduces your energy bills by slowing heat loss, so you spend less money heating and cooling your home. While the amount you save is low, it adds up a great deal over time and can help you to reduce your total yearly bills.


Your kitchen sees the most traffic in the home. There’s no denying that all eyes will be on this room when you’re showing it. The kitchen is where you cook and engage in conversation. It’s one of the main areas of your house, and you want it to look nice. If you have old countertops, appliances, cabinets and floors, it’s probably time for a full kitchen remodel. Doing so will impress your buyers and get them excited about living in the space. You’ll also get to enjoy it for a little while and can admire all of your hard work.


The bathrooms are another area of the home that you should pay special attention to. Update them and replace any old materials or designs right away. Bathrooms are important to buyers, and you can guarantee they’ll be checking them out closely. It’s also a good idea to add a fresh coat of soothing paint. Think enduring designs and neutral colours that will last a long time. Accessorise and create a wow factor that will impress guests and potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

Remember to step outside when you’re looking to add value to your home. Your curb appeal is important to buyers and people passing by. Tidy up the garden, path and trim your shrubs and trees. Hire a professional landscaper if it’s not a job you want to tackle alone. Improve your entrance by adding a welcome mat, attractive lights and a bench and flowers for a personal touch. You want to create an inviting environment before they even enter your home.


It’s smart to prioritise your home updates, so you’re getting your money’s worth. Listen to the experts and follow their recommendations to be safe. 

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