Too young for Instagram?

Ok. So I’ve allowed my daughter to have Instagram. She’s 10.

A few of her friends have it, including her best friend who is now at a different school, and considering the Instagram account can be private – that is, only people you’ve accepted to follow you can see your photo’s – I gave in and said she could have one too.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo sharing App. It’s hugely popular, especially among young people. You can take a photo, do some basic editing like enhance the colouring then upload it to your account. You have ‘followers’, who can see your photo’s (if your account is private…. if it isn’t, ANYONE can see your photo’s if they want to) and you can ‘follow’ others so you can see theirs. You can ‘like’ or comment on photo’s (this is social media after all) and your followers can do the same with yours. Most people will follow their friends and maybe some people of interest to them, like celebrities etc.

Can a child use Instagram?

Well, Instagram is for ages 13 and above. 13 is the recommended age for most social media platforms, but that doesn’t stop younger kids using them.

Should I have said yes?

I made my decision in haste to be honest. I figured that if her friends parents have allowed it, and it’s completely private, where’s the harm? I didn’t really think it through properly and now, a few weeks in, I’m questioning whether it was the right thing to do.

Initially, all was good, she just uploaded photo’s off my Camera Roll on to her Instagram account. Or she took pics as she went along and posted them. This was fine. She had a few friends that she followed and who followed her back. This was fine too. But then, other ‘friends’ were requesting to follow her. Friends of friends…. Some were girls who were in the year above at her primary school, meaning now that my girl was in Year 6, these girls were now in high school…..Year 7.

My daughter was very good, she knew she had to ask my permission if she could yes to anyone that requested to follow her. This was one of our rules. But the problem was, because some friends were at high school, they act slightly older. The photo’s they uploaded were slightly different to hers, not in a bad way really, just different.

Selfies. Lots and lots of selfies.

Now, my girl wasn’t sure about selfies at this point. She hadn’t really done any before unless she was  messing around with me or with the ipad at home. But even her best friend pointed out that she should at least put the odd selfie onto her Instagram!

So she asked me to help her take one. I think she felt a bit silly at first. It wasn’t really her. She’s not very ‘showy offy’, which is what selfies are all about aren’t they? They’re very self indulgent. However, she was keen to master it. Holding the phone whilst she took a pic was the trickiest part for her. But she got there in the end!

The result is the above photo. Her very first, proper ‘posing’ selfie. And she looks super cute in it.

She has since become a bit of a seasoned pro. Here are a couple of others she’s taken…

should my child use instagram

But I’m not sure how I feel about this. Has this selfie taking made her too aware of herself at this age? Probably. The two images above of her on her own don’t even look like her! She’s doing that typical teenage pose and even though it amuses me a little, I don’t like it. It’s too grown up.

Luckily, she’s not THAT into Instagram. She only goes on it now and again and pretty much forgets about it when she’s playing and being a normal 10 year old.

I don’t really regret allowing her to have it…. she’ll see it anyway when she’s at her friends houses, but I WILL monitor it and I WILL have total control.

So how do I monitor my daughter’s Instagram?

First of all I Restrict Usage – At the moment, my daughter is only allowed to use Instagram on my phone, which means I have to physically log her in. I don’t allow her to sit and browse for too long, which could potentially allow her to stumble across something inappropriate.

I monitor all Follow Requests – She has to ask me if she can allow someone to follow her. Only people she/we know well are allowed. If she’s not sure, then we say no.

Check Uploaded Photo’s – Because my daughter uses my phone, it’s easy to keep tabs. She’s usually with me when she’s taking photo’s or uploading a photo. She has had Instagram on the iPad when she’s had friends over but I do keep checking in to see what they’re doing.

Keep Talking – I think showing an interest is very important and keeping them aware of the do’s and don’ts of social media in general is imperative. It just keeps things fresh in her mind as she gets older so it’s (hopefully) ingrained. My daughter likes to show me some of her friends photo’s too. I look anyway because knowing what her friends are posting is a necessity. If anyone is posting anything inappropriate, they’ll be deleted. This hasn’t happened yet though!

Should YOU say yes?

If your child is begging you to allow them to have Instagram and you’re just not sure, then I would think very carefully before you say yes.

Obviously I’ve said yes and that’s because I believe Instagram is OK as long as you’re monitoring it. As long as their account is set to private and you’re very choosy in who’s allowed to follow, then it’s a relatively safe option.

I mean, how many kids watch You Tube? We’ve all sat there whilst our kids are watching a cute video one minute, only for them to suddenly stumble on some dodgy cartoon that’s aimed at a much older child or adult the next!

And if they’re at an age where their friends have it, they will look at it with them anyway. It’s not as if saying no will protect them from it completely.

We can’t stop our children from growing up and they ARE going to be exposed to the world of social media whether we like it or not.

I won’t be allowing any other forms of social media though. Not for a long time… and probably not until the recommend age. I think kids spent far too much time in front of a screen as it is and social media is just too much of a distraction from normal life.

One is more than enough for now.

Teksta Scorpion – A Review

The twins were very excited to receive the Teksta Scorpion. Such a cool toy they said!

It’s a wireless, interactive robotic toy and once it arrived they absolutely couldn’t wait to open and play with it.

teksta scorpian

It does require 6 batteries though, that we had to rummage round the house for… 4 AA’s and two AAA’s, so if you buy one for a Christmas present, make sure you remember to buy some! O wanted to have a go at putting the batteries in by himself, something he hasn’t done before but so eager was he to get the toy to work he wanted to move fast!

teksta scorpian

I was hoping it would be easy to use. I have a 16 year old and I remember him having the odd robotic toy just like this when he was young that we could never work out how to use properly. The remote controls never made them move the way they were supposed to and in the end, my boy would just get fed up and the robot would get thrown aside in favour of some other toy. Not what I wanted when I paid a small fortune for the things!

Thankfully, the Teksta Scorpion is as easy as pie to use.

teksta scorpian

The ‘remote’ comes in the form of a ‘watch’ type controller that ties around the wrist and once you have it switched on and aligned, the motion sensor allows you to move the Scorpion around with a flick of the wrist! Or you can simply hold it in your hand, which might work better for small children.

The green block it comes with is for the front pincers to ‘grab’, and even though it does pick this up easily, you do have to manually open the pincers first.

It moves around easily on all surfaces with it’s six little legs. One of them did keep coming off ours but it easily popped back on.

My twins absolutely love this and were pretty much fighting over the controller for the first half an hour until they settled down a bit! The good news is though that the Teksta Scorpion comes in two colours, Red, like ours, and also Bronze…. so we might just have to add the bronze one to the boys’ Christmas list because you can play up to 8 of these together all at one, in battle!

How cool is that? Definitely a must have toy for any boy!

The Teksta Scorpion retails at £39.99 and is out now in all good toy retailers.

teksta scorpian

We were sent the product in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and honest.

PAN – A World Premiere

As events go. this one was pretty special!

We were invited along to the World Premiere (yes you read that correctly) of brand new Hugh Jackman film, PAN!

pen movie premiere

How exciting is that? I did wonder if it would be as amazing as it sounded. Last year we attended a premiere and it WAS fab, but we didn’t get to mingle with the celebrities really because they seemed to go through a different entrance onto the red carpet and the rest of us mere mortals went in later!

This one was very different!

As soon as we arrived in Leicester Square we got a sense of something very important happening. The whole of the ‘square’ itself had been cut off to the public (who had to walk a different way round) and it had been turned into what can only be described as a film set from the PAN movie itself!

PAN movie premiere

Once we had passed security and handed in our tickets, we walked through the gates and into the event. Instead of a red carpet, it was blue… to imitate the sea. There were film camera’s and press photographers everywhere, it was so exciting!

The star of the film, Hugh Jackman, who plays Blackbeard, was walking around casually chatting to TV interviewers and fans before heading up onto the main platform to be interviewed. He looked ever so dashing, I’m just a bit disappointed I didn’t manage to grab a selfie with him! Damn!

hugh jackman pan premiere

The whole blue carpet event was being streamed live by Warner Bros. The sets were so big and colourful, so much to take in…. but it gave us a glimpse into what the wonderful Neverland would look like in the film!

pan premiereMy daughter posing with some dodgy looking pirates!

pan premiereAnd here meeting her very own tooth fairy ;)

We also rubbed shoulders with the other stars of the film, including Cara Delevegne who plays 3 mermaids….cara delevingne

Cute as a button Levi Miller who plays Peter….  (apologies for poor photo quality here)

levi miller

Also Garrett Hudland who plays Hook and Rooney Mara who plays Tiger Lily. I was in my element walking around, soaking up the atmosphere…. but soon we were being ushered inside to take our seats ready for the Premiere.

pan movie premiere

So what’s the film like?

Well, first of all, it’s a prequel. It let’s us in on the early life of Peter Pan and takes us on a journey from his very humble beginnings in a London orphanage, to being whisked away on board a flying Jolly Rodger ship to Neverland! It’s here where he find out who he truly is.

I loved the imagination behind it. The film was heartwarming and felt truly magical the whole way through. It was fast paced with lots of action packed and dare devil moments. The special effects were amazing.

We loved it!

My mind was still somewhere in the original story for a while though trying to link everything together, but I didn’t need to.

You see, with this film, you really don’t need to know or remember the original because this could be a standalone story all of it’s own. There are nods of course to the famous Peter Pan story that we know and love, and most of the characters are there but the emphasis is on different ones. Tinkerbell for example only makes a fleeting visit and Tiger Lily takes more of lead role. Hook isn’t the Hook we’re all used to, it’s Blackbeard who’s the one we’re loving to hate here!

Little Levi Miller, who plays PAN was sooo cute. He was brilliant and appeared in almost every single scene bless him.

Hugh Jackman was hardly recognisable as Captain BlackBeard. He was fabulous and deliciously bad! (I just love Hugh).

I won’t give away the storyline as  I think it will spoil it for you, but I definitely think it could carry on further into a follow up…. I’d love to see more!

The movie is out on general release on 16th October… Make sure you go and see it, it’s a great film that the whole family can enjoy together.

We were very kindly offered complimentary tickets for the Premiere but I was under no obligation to write this review. All words and opinions my own.

#HappyReaders with Roald Dahl at McDonalds

All kids love a Happy Meal don’t they?

It always feels like a treat for them, and for a very reasonable price, the kids get fed and also get a new toy – bonus!

I cannot tell you how many McDonalds toys we’ve collected over the years… probably millions! We do keep a lot of them because the children do go back and play with them again and again. But I have to admit to throwing many away when the kids aren’t looking!

Somehow though, I don’t think I’ll be throwing away any of the new offerings about to hit Happy Meals from today!

McDonald’s UK is bringing the extraordinary world of Roald Dahl to life for millions of children through a landmark books partnership.

Over the next six weeks, 14 million books featuring extracts from Roald Dahl’s most popular stories will be distributed as part of McDonald’s Roald Dahl Happy Meals. Families will be able to discover the famous author’s magical universe of characters, from the BFG and his ‘human beans’, to mischievous George and his Marvellous Medicine.

The results of a major, cross-generational survey of more than 3,000 UK grandparents, kids and parents on books and reading, are being released to mark the start of a landmark partnership between McDonald’s Happy Readers, the National Literacy Trust, Penguin Random House Children’s UK and the Roald Dahl Literary Estate.

McDonalds Happy ReadersWe attended a special event at the weekend in McDonalds Charing Cross, London to launch the new #HappReaders Partnership. We received all the books that you can collect with the Happy Meals over the next 14 weeks!

There are eight specially created Roald Dahl books being featured in the Happy Meal. Each book contains extracts from two Roald Dahl books plus brand-new activities. 

  • Roald Dahl’s Extraordinary Friends (featuring The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me and The BFG)
  • Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Families – (featuring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr Fox)
  • Roald Dahl’s Magical Mischief – (featuring George’s Marvellous Medicine and Matilda)
  • Roald Dahl’s Secret Plans – (featuring Esio Trot and The Twits)
  • Roald Dahl’s Curious Characters – (featuring The BFG and James and the Giant Peach)
  • Roald Dahl’s Beastly Creatures – (featuring The Witches and The Enormous Crocodile)
  • Roald Dahl’s Incredible Inventions – (featuring Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and George’s Marvellous Medicine)
  • Roald Dahl’s Clever Tricks – (featuring The Twits and Matilda)

mcdonalds happy readers
There are also three books available from £1 from WH Smith or Eason with the Happy Readers £1 book voucher:

  1. Spotty Powder and Other Splendiferous Secrets – featuring a secret chapter from the draft of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that was cut from the published book
  2. Roald Dahl’s Mischief and Mayhem – extracts from favourite Roald Dahl stories, with ideas for tricks and pranks inspired by them
  3. Spotty Powder and Other Splendiferous Secrets is also available as a free ebook via Kobo.

The event was super fun, we got to be involved with a special interactive story-telling experience.

happy readersPhoto credit: David Parry/PA Wire

The children were also given lots of activities to get involved with, including face painting, colouring in and making masks….

happy readers mcdonalds

As parents, we know how important it is to instill a love of reading into our children. I know how difficult this can be, especially with all day kids TV channels, tablets and games consoles. I sometimes have to force my children to pick up a book themselves, although they do absolutely love being read to. Any form of encouragement kids can get to read more these days, is an absolute godsend!

That’s why I’m super happy that McDonalds are adding these books to their childrens’ meals.

This isn’t he first time though. Since 2013 McDonald’s has distributed more than 22.8m books through its Happy Meals and Happy Readers programme.  McDonald’s Happy Readers campaign was created to put more books into the hands of families, with recent research from the National Literacy Trust showing that only half of children enjoy reading and almost one in seven don’t have a book of their own. This is shocking to me.

But even if your children ARE addicted to their tablets (as mine are), technology can help bring stories to life, through storytelling tools such as live sounds effects. So, in addition to the 14 million books, McDonald’s UK has developed a new, original companion app that will bring to life scenes straight from Roald Dahl’s imagination through sounds, colour and motion.

Available from Wednesday 23rd September, the Happy Readers Companion App immerses readers in the magical world of Roald Dahl with a selection of activities and voice activated sounds and animations! You can download the App for iOS and Android devices by searching Happy Studio!

We’ve already tried it and it’s lots of fun!

mcdonalds happy readers

The National Literacy Trust is a charity that transforms lives through literacy. They want to get more families reading because children who read in their own time do better at school and later in life.

Here are some of their top tips for reading with children:

  • Bring the story to life by using different voices for the characters. Try out a greedy, gravelly tone for the Enormous Crocodile or a wise and whispery voice for the grandmother.
  • Make your child the author! Stop at exciting moments in the story and ask your child to invent what happens next.
  • Make reading with your child a special time for you both every day.
  • Children of all ages love to hear stories read aloud. Don’t stop reading to your children just because they can read by themselves.
  • Let your child help choose the books that you’ll read together. If your child is excited by the subject, the story will hold their interest better.

Look out for the books the next time you order a Happy Meal and create your very own little #HappyReaders :)

The Summer Born Victory

The whole ‘Summer Born Babies’ campaign is very close to my heart and I’ve written a number of posts on this subject, you can read them all here.

I’m sure you’ve seen the news, it’s been all over the TV and National press recently, where Schools Minister Nick Gibb said admissions rules would be changed so that children born in the Summer Term (or between 1 April and 31 August) would be allowed to go into reception a year later if their parents felt they were not ready for school at four years old. Changes to the admissions rules will have to be approved by parliament, which will hopefully happen soon, but in the mean time Nick Gibb has written an open letter to schools and local authorities. It urges them to take immediate action and allow summer-born children to start in reception aged five if parents request it.

To say I’m over the moon about this would be an understatement.

I went through a very stressful time trying to delay my twins a year, and didn’t win my battle unfortunately, so these changes are too late to help me. But I’m so happy that the Summer Born campaigning group that supported me and so many others, have brought about this monumental change.

I’m happy that our very real concerns as parents have been noted, and that 30 years of research surrounding the birth date effect on childrens’ success in school, has finally been recognised.

I was tormented when my own little summer born twins were forced to start reception at just turned four, when I knew they weren’t ready. I fought with Hertfordshire County Council to delay for a year, but they didn’t budge, even though my twins were premature, and even with support I’d managed to get from the DfE. The Dfe, incidentally, had already issued statements to admissions authorities, clearly advising them that delaying until CSA (compulsory school age, which is 5) should be carefully considered if parents believed it was in their child’s best interests.

summer born twinsMy tiny boys on their first day at school, aged 4 years and 1 week.. looking happy enough posing for pics, but the smiles didn’t last long.

Hertfordshire CC, I discovered, were notoriously difficult. There was only one case that I knew of at the time where delaying had been allowed, and that was fought for months and months, with the little girl in question having severe learning difficulties etc. No one else had succeeded. Including me.

Even now, two years later, Hertfordshire have still refused pretty much every single request and I think it’s disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves.

No parent wants to delay their child starting school unless they feel strongly that their barely 4 yr old, is not ready and may not cope. Some summer borns will be fine, especially those with early summer birthdays and some late August borns may be ready. Young, yes but confident enough to get on with it and thrive.

Some however, like my twins (who shouldn’t have been born until the end of September, which would’ve meant starting school a year later anyway) are still very immature and really would benefit from another year at home or nursery.

I insisted that my twins go to school part-time then, if they DID have to start at 4. I knew my rights and so I treated it like Nursery, picking them up at lunch time each day. They didn’t want to stay for lunch, it was far too daunting for them, and because they weren’t 5, I knew I couldn’t be forced to make them stay. These half days worked well. Then I would pick them up after lunch and built up to a full week. But they realistically didn’t do full weeks until the summer term, as I would keep them off a day here and a day there, if they were tired.

I have to say that this was in no way detrimental to their academic progress. I’m a firm believer that if a child isn’t happy, they won’t learn anyway… being upset and miserable at school would not only prevent them from learning, but it could also have a massive impact on their well being and education for the rest of their school days.

My boys have just gone into Year 2.

Even though they’re at a good school and they’ve made some lovely friends, it still hurts me to see them so small and vulnerable next to their much bigger peers.

My twins also have the added affliction of being extremely shy, which makes certain situations very stressful for them. They won’t join in with sharing assemblies, they’ve only just started to read out loud (very quietly) and don’t want to do sport of any kind.

The shyness IS getting better, but very slowly and I’m 100% sure that their decision to dismiss sports is because (like one of the arguments for this summer born research clearly points out) they are much smaller, weaker and less confident than their classmates who do join in with sports.

It’s sad. But at the moment I’m trying not to think about it. I’m hoping they will change their minds in the future and start enjoying sport of some kind. I think it will benefit them hugely.

We recently went along for the Year 2 curriculum meeting with their class teacher. I was astonished at what children of this age group are expected to achieve by the end of this school year! The curriculum has apparently just changed… it’s become harder. Not what you want to hear when your children are the youngest. At this moment, I cannot imagine my twins getting to grips with even half of what’s expected.

But their teacher is aware of my concerns, she’s known my boys since reception and reassures me that they will be ‘fine’. They’re improving all the time and the school insist they won’t be left behind.

How can they guarantee it though?

It’s just not fair.

It’s not fair that the month they were born in may dictate their achievements academically.

It’s not fair that my little boys will have to fight every step of the way to keep up.

Another year at home or at nursery, to mature and grow…. would’ve made a huge difference, and the so called ‘playing field’ in the classroom would have been leveled somewhat.

That’s all we want, as parents.

And that’s why these changes to admissions are incredibly important.

Gap shirts twins

Qixels – A Review

Now that Christmas is officially on it’s way (sorry!), the kids TV channels are packed with commercials advertising all kinds of new toys. One of which my children have noted has been the one for Qixels!


We’ve had one to review recently and the kids have really loved it!

When it comes to buying toys, I think all parents would prefer to buy something a bit educational or crafty, so Qixels seems to be a good choice. It can easily fit into the ‘crafty’ category.

I think the first and obvious thing that sprung to mind when I first saw the toy, was that it looks like the Hama/Aqua Beads toys, which are aimed at girls. Qixels is aimed at boys. There’s a nod towards the Minecraft game too I think, with the colour scheme and the the fact that the ‘beads’ are square. They look like computer pixels, hence the name and you can build your very own pixel world!

My daughter played happily with this game though, if not more than the boys, so I would say it’s definitely universal.

qixelsKids couldn’t wait to rip open the box

Qixels, by Character, are ‘the cubes that fuse with a blast of water. Add the tray and templates to your Turbo Dryer then add Qixles to build your design! Spray with water the press and spin to dry your deisgns super fast! Simply Make, spray, play – no heat, no glue’.


So what’s in the box?

This particular pack which is priced at around the £19.99 mark comes with the following…

  • Instruction Booklet
  • Storage Tray for the beads
  • 500 Qixels Cubes
  • 1 Bag Tag and Thread
  • 2 Stands & Display Bases
  • 2 Plug in Accessories
  • 4 Design Templates
  • 1 Water Sprayer Bottle
  • 1 Turbo Dryer

qixels toys

The templates are great, the designs are simple to follow and the fact that there aren’t too many colours means nothing is too complicated and young children can make a picture without any help!

qixels character toys boys

Once the design is complete, you add some water to the little bottle and spray the Qixels picture. This activates the special built in glue. Then, instead of having to wait for the glue to set (as you would with similar products), Qixels has a special spin dryer that dries the image in seconds!


 qixelsSome of the finished designs!

There are enough cubes to make all of the designs but I would’ve liked more in this set. They do seem to run out pretty fast. You can buy the cubes separately though, along with different design templates… so we have made a date to go and purchase some more very soon!

This is a really fun way to spend time for the kids. Both my twins and my daughter have gone back to it again and again to get creative. Even Teen couldn’t resist having a little go (he made the sword in the above photo!) ;)

qixels game character toys

Qixels was given a big thumbs up in our house… so if you’re considering buying it for a present, or your child puts it on their Christmas list, then I would fully recommend. It’s available to buy at all the usual toy outlets now.


#LondonGetsKinky with Kinky Boots

kinky boots london uk

Having attended stage school for years when I was younger, I practically lived and breathed musical theatre.

I could probably recite many a score from all the old musicals we did them so many times. Even now, being a busy Mum of 4 and after leaving that life behind me many years ago, I still get a huge buzz from being inside a theatre. There aren’t many shows that I see today that make me wish I was still performing though, but this new offering to hit London’s West End I really do wish I was in! Please someone offer me a part!

I feel very honoured to have been one of the first people to preview the brilliant Kinky Boots, which has it’s official premiere here in the UK at the Adelphi Theatre on September 15th!

I went with a friend and we were absolutely blown away! As were the rest of the audience. During the interval, every single person seemed to be on a high. And that’s exactly how this show makes you feel.

kinky boots london uk

So what’s it all about?

Well, Kinky Boots is brought to you by iconic Grammy and Tony Award winning Cyndi Lauper, who has written all the music and songs. The story is taken from a book written by Broadway legend and four time Tony Award winner Harvey Fierstein.

‘Inspired by true events, Kinky Boots takes you from a gentlemen’s shoe factory in Northampton to the glamorous catwalks of Milan. Charlie Price (Killian Donnelly) is struggling to live up to his father’s expectations and continue the family business of Price & Son. With the factory’s future hanging in the balance, help arrives in the unlikely but spectacular form of Lola (Matt Henry), a fabulous performer in need of some sturdy new stilettos’

This is a fast paced, funny, all singing, all dancing full on glamour fest! Big characters and big voices…. oh the voices – the singing is amazing! The contrast between the two main characters is key and very clever. Charlie comes across initially as very bland and it’s great getting to know him and follow him on his journey, (the solo he performs towards the end is incredible by the way), but this is what makes his unlikely friendship with drag Queen, Lola utterly fascinating.

Matt Henry who plays Lola, was so charismatic…. seriously…. both my friend and I agreed that we literally couldn’t take our eyes off him. He was mesmerising. He owned that stage and he was truly fabulous. Such a star!

I didn’t recognise any names on the cast list when I read it briefly before the show, but there was one face I spotted on the stage that I couldn’t mistake. It was the very gorgeous Marcus Collins who appeared on the X-Factor a couple of years ago! I was a huge fan of him on that, he was runner up to Little Mix, remember? He was brilliant back then and he was absolutely brilliant in this too! I was so excited to see him!

Directed and choreographed by two time Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell (Legally Blonde, Hairspray), Kinky Boots is the winner of six Broadway Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best Score and Best Choreography.

kinky boots london

The show has everything you’d want from a musical. It’s laugh out loud funny, it’s moving, it’s glamourous, it has a great cast but above all, the music and choreography were out of this world incredible. It was right up my street.

I’m not sure there are any adjectives worthy of describing how amazing it was!

On the night we watched, there was a much deserved standing ovation at the end. I think this is happening every night too from what I hear. I really didn’t want it to end, I could’ve watched it over and over!

My friend and I were absolutely buzzing on the way home! I can’t wait to see it again!

It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time and I just know it’s going to be a massive hit – I’m so glad I had the opportunity of seeing it before everyone else…. it’s like I’ve witnessed something very special!

I was offered two complimentary tickets to see Kinky Boots, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.