Project 365 Week 8 – 2015

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Half term.

I love the school holidays. I’ve said it a hundred times before and I’ll keep saying it! I just relish the time to slow down a bit and catch up with my children. Life is so busy, I feel as though school takes up too much of their time and takes them away from me for far too long. It’s our chance to just be.

Broken wrist rugbyDay 46 – Sunday 15th February - The week started off badly though, with Teen breaking his wrist again playing rugby. I was devastated. I could NOT believe it happened again, after doing the same thing this time last year :(

white rabbit petDay 47 – We spent most of the afternoon at the hospital with Teen, but I didn’t want to overload this post with broken wrist pics. So I chose this one instead. Bunny cuddles. My daughter’s pet rabbit, he’s so gorgeous!

pancake day Day 48 – Pancake Day. The kids favourite was chocolate spread but I prefer lemon and sugar, or just sugar…. yummy!

Day 49 – We went to see The Octonauts Live with a friend. I took my twins and she brought her triplets and older girl. We had a lovely day. This is H in the back of her car sandwiched between two of her girls! He wanted to sit ‘with the girls’ he said ;)

jigsawDay 50 – Had a day in today. Did a jigsaw puzzle… this was a difficult one, to be fair, for the kids anyway! It’s aimed at older kids/adults. I enjoyed it though…. it was actually very therapeutic!

Base Fashion Day 51 – Attended a blogging event over at Westfield Stratford, in East London. It was promote Base… a boys only fashion store, which I already knew and loved! Here are my boys modelling some of Base’s fab merchandise!

Day 52 – My Girl and H messing around. Think these glasses are off one of her Build A Bears ha! They always do this smile for photo’s!

Gutted the half term is over. All back to normal tomorrow… boo! Hope you all had a great week.

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Another Rugby Season, Another Broken Wrist

broken wrist rugbyTeen’s X-Ray pictures from last Sunday

Poor Teen.

He loves rugby.

But this season I didn’t want him to go back to the team he plays for because he spent 8 weeks of last year in a cast, due to an injury he picked up playing the game. A broken wrist.

Teen doesn’t do things by halves. And anyway, rugby isn’t a game you CAN play halfheartedly, but even so, there are some players that won’t go that extra mile. Or they stand by and watch others do all the hard work.

Teen is that player that will do all the hard work.

He’ll do whatever it takes to stop the other team scoring a try. No one is getting past him if he can help it, no matter what. And if he has the ball? Well he will run full pelt into anyone that’s in his way!

Rugby is a brutal game. But that’s exactly what Teen loves about it.


Unfortunately, rugby doesn’t seem to agree with Teen. On Sunday he broke his wrist for a second time.

The same wrist.

Exactly the same time in the season as last year.

To say I was angry/upset/devastated would be an understatement. I wanted to scream and shout at everyone… all the coaches, the organisers, the other team…..

How could they let this happen to my boy again?

I blamed myself actually, for allowing him to go back this season. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, I know Teen. And I know of other kids that have had injuries; broken legs, broken shoulders, pulled ligaments etc… there’s always more than one injured player out of the team at any one time. It’s ridiculous… why would any sane parent allow this?

I was nervous every single week. It felt like I was feeding him to the lions or something. I can’t explain, but I didn’t like watching at all. It was exciting when he was running with the ball, he’s fast, but apart from that.. I was happier when the ball was elsewhere on the pitch!

Of course, no one is to blame. I just felt incredibly sorry for Teen, who knew instantly it was broken. I took him to the hospital, where it was confirmed.

broken wrist rugby

It was here that Teen became upset. Where it hit him. Well, it was the moment we had parked the car and he realised he still had his studs on, he had to change back into his trainers but couldn’t. He was in agony… so I did it for him. I felt like crying, sobbing in fact, but held it together and choked back the tears.

It was a fleeting moment though because as soon as we were inside, Teen was back to his jovial, silly self. Cracking jokes. He’s never down for long, bless him.

The nurse put on a temporary cast.

The following day, we had an appointment at the fracture clinic, where we were shown the X-Rays and filled in on the full extent of the injury.

Teen had broke the bone in his wrist quite severely. But not only that, the knobbly bone that sit’s on the outside of the wrist had become dislodged and was floating around up in his hand.

We were told this would need some manipulation to reattach it.

Oh dear.

When the temporary cast came off, it was evident that Teen was in excruciating pain, even without anyone going near the wrist.

But luckily, in rolled the old gas and air chamber, which both scared and relieved Teen. At least he was being given something for the pain. He had to breath it in for a good twenty minutes, whilst the doctor turned it up every now and again! He wasn’t taking any chances, definitely making sure it worked!

gas and air

I don’t think even I had as much gas and air during child birth! Teen was practically laughing his head off by the time the doctor said he was ready to do it! Myself and the nurses did have a bit of a giggle with him at this stage… He was high as a kite!

Two nurses, one male and the doctor himself then set to work on Teen. It took a while, and even though Teen was flinching, he coped very well.

It’s now in a fresh new cast that has to stay on for four weeks minimum. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as last year to heal.

Teen is ok in himself. Obviously gutted to be in a cast again, it drove him crazy last year. He’s been in a fair bit of pain but most of all he’s disappointed to be out of rugby again.

His coach and a few others said that it was one of the best tackles they’d ever seen! No consolation to me but Teen was happy about this.  The boy that Teen brought down was actually stretchered off, so I hope he was ok.

Again, a reminder of how very dangerous rugby is.

The doctor said Teen will be back playing rugby in no time…..

Hmmm…. Not if I’ve got anything to do with it!

Project 365 Week 7 – 2015

Continuing with Project 365, a photo a day for a whole year!

My car was finally up and running again, after the MOT fail last week….. how stressful to be without a car, even though it was only for a day or two! This was the last week at school before the half term, thank goodness. I always look forward to the holidays, I think we need the rest. The kids get tired and it’s nice for them to be at home, especially when it’s freezing cold. So this week I was counting down the days. Weather was rubbish all week and nothing exciting to report really!

Day 39, Sunday 8th February – Spent the day at Nanny’s house. I caught H giving her dog some Pringles, ha!

Day 40 – Popped round to my sister in laws after school so we could have a cuddle with her baby! He’s such a cuddly cutie pie :)

Day 41 – A party after school at our local play area. A friend of the twins. They had a great time!

Day 42 – A blurred photo, chose this one on purpose as it’s of school. My daughter’s class performed their sharing assembly. Each class usually does this once or twice a year and it’s to show parents what they’ve been learning. It’s also a good way to get them to participate, do some reading out loud and perform some roles!

Day 43 – I’ve been buying a fair few of these packs recently, to hopefully help Teen with his GCSE revision!

Day 44 – We’ve had a fire burning in the garden once or twice this week. The OH is trying to get rid of some old wood that’s come off our old roof. He took the kids out there on Friday after school to toast some marshmallows on the fire, which they enjoyed, and the results were very yummy indeed :)

Day 45 – Valentines day. Treated the loves of my life, all my children to some chocolates. My little boys loved their heart lollipops!

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Silent Sunday – 15/02/15

Twins Valentines Lollipops


Teenage Breakup – who’s More Upset?

Teen broke up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. They were both sixteen at the end of last year and had been together for almost two years.

It’s sad. But I don’t know who’s more upset….. him…. or ME!

No one tells you when you become a parent that it feels rubbish when your son/daughter breaks up with someone you really like!

I mean, what’s the etiquette here?

Teen’s girlfriend and I used to text, sometimes…. but is it ok for me to text her now? Can we continue to be friends? Because that’s what she became really….. I still want to know if she’s ok, how she’s getting on with school, how her parents are…. they were lovely and Teen got along so well with them, they even took him on holiday last year!

It’s fair to say this little teenage relationship was a big thing for all involved.

As you can imagine, I became rather fond of Girlfriend, you can’t help but become attached when someone has been a part of your life for that long. I looked upon her as being one of the family. My daughter loved her, as did my twins, who don’t take to people well, she came out with us and she spent a fair bit of time at our house.

harry potter studiosTeen and Girlfriend when she came with us to the Harry Potter tour

They were incredibly cute together, always laughing and giggling… they got along so well and had a similar sense of humour! They were inseparable. If they weren’t together, they were chatting on the phone or over Skype. She always seemed to be around in that sense! They were very silly and jovial with each other, but also terribly affectionate. It was very sweet.

It was nice for me too, as his Mum, to see their relationship blossom, to witness my boy growing up and having a serious relationship. Taking care of her… he would rush to her if she was upset about anything, always make sure she got home safely if they went out and was there for her if she’d had a bad day. They were only 14 and in year 9 at school when they first started going out. They didn’t go to the same school, which probably worked better, but now they’re in year 11 and doing their GCSE’s in a few months time so really, they’ve probably spent the biggest learning curve of their lives so far… together.  I believe they loved each other very much.

Teenage loveThis was at Greenwich Park last Easter. Teen had a broken wrist and that’s my daughter in the middle of them!

So what went wrong?

Teen and I are very close and he tells me most things, but he’s gone very quiet about the reasons for the break up, just telling me that it’s her, seeming almost angry at her. But it just doesn’t make sense at all as I know she was very, very upset…. which gets me thinking it may be something he’s done wrong. They’ve had the odd blip in the past, they’re young, it’s to be expected. She’s upset him, he’s upset her….

But this time I just don’t know. I want to find out. Not that I’m being nosy or anything (I am) but also so I can try to understand and maybe help.

It’s tempting to intervene.

But Teen’s a very strong character and he’s made the decision to not go into the finer details with me, his prerogative, so I may never know exactly what’s gone on. He’s not a big, solitude thinker and he definitely doesn’t dwell on things but I still worry. He’s my son and I feel for him. He’s shrugging it off though, telling me he’s not bothered. He’s getting on with school, gym, rugby, friends etc, he’s always full of beans and super busy, so that’s good. But I know it is bothering him, a little, I know him so well. I’m just glad he’s not the type to mope around, or is sitting in his room heartbroken.. gosh that WOULD be tough to deal with!

Teen get’s a lot of female attention, always has done. But for now, he just wants to spend time with his friends. He’s not interested in other girls and I’m glad. I don’t want him to get involved with anyone else. He needs a break…. And besides, I’m not ready, ha!

He’s got so much going on at the moment and needs to concentrate on his GCSE’s. And even though I know girlfriends will come and go….. It’s hardly likely that he would’ve stayed with Girlfriend forever, given that they’re so young now, but this is something that as parents, we never think about when our kids are young. It’s a whole new phenomenon to deal with… Along with the many others we face along the parenting journey! All we can do is be there for them.

But I liked her.

And I miss her being around. This was my adored son’s first real love, and so she will always have a special place in my heart too.

Morrisons Nutmeg Spring/Summer 2015

Morrisons showcased their new Nutmeg Spring and Summer kids clothing range last week at their press event,  and I popped along to check it out!

I love looking at kids clothes, especially when its the new season’s collections, and Nutmeg is a relatively new brand to the market, having only been around two years, so it was interesting to see what they’re doing and how they’re competing in the huge supermarket clothing war!

When I arrived, everything looked beautifully summery! Made me long for some lovely warm weather…. and I was lucky enough to be introduced to the designer of the whole Nutmeg range, Katy Percival.

Kay Percival Nutmeg designerThe lovely Katy Percival

Katy was ever so friendly and showed me round the collection herself, which was quite exciting for me!

The first, and probably the most important thing I noticed about the garments was the quality. The cotton was thick and soft, the detailing was intricate and if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve presumed these items were being sold in a high end fashion store.

But they weren’t. These were supermarket clothes and incredibly cheap. In fact, I was shocked that such quality items could even be produced at these prices, never mind being sold at them!

There were boys long sleeved, brushed cotton t-shirts for just £2! A whole outfit could be purchased for £10, less in some cases. In all the beautiful ranges there were items that could be mix and matched, and there was something for all tastes… whether it was pretty and pastel, or funky and bright!

morrisons nutmeg clothing boysThis outfit could be bought for less than £10! The t-shirt is only £2 and the jeans £7

Boys shirt from NutmegI loved this boys bug shirt! 

The boys range was lovely. Having twin boys myself I like to get good value for money, without compromising on style and quality. There are a lot of retailers out there that are pushing out dirt cheap kids clothes, which is good, but often, the majority of them have products that, to me, feel cheap; thin, scratchy fabrics or just badly made.

Not so with Nutmeg. The quality, I’ll keep saying, is remarkable. And the attention to detail too… for instance, every single piece has been thought about carefully, whether it’s a bit of ruching, a cute slogan or a turn up sleeve, all these things give the look and feel of a much more expensive product.

This was the aim… producing high quality, on trend products, at an affordable price point.

Other thoughtful details include tops that are free from itchy labels (I don’t know about your children but mine are always complaining about the labels in clothes, saying they irritate, so this was a clever touch I thought) or trousers with extendable legs meaning they last even longer, giving even more value for money!

The SS15 collection is inspired by days out and holidays. In fact, the holiday section had everything you could need for your week or two away… little vests in packs of three, shorts, hats, swimsuits and playsuits….. it’s a one stop shop and because everything is so reasonable, you can buy more!

Morrisons Nutmeg Girls clothesSome of the girls pieces

morrisons nutmeg clothing

morrisons nutmeg clothes

Katy Percival told us that the colour palettes for all the ranges were inspired and named after all things summery or sweet, like Lemon Drop, Picnic, Caramel and Sugared Almonds. Katy, and her team of 7 are aiming to create a real sense of branding with their Nutmeg clothes. They want to stay true to their brand, and that is to be age appropriate, good quality,  fashionable,  and fun.

I defy anyone not to find something they love in this collection. They have everything from underwear to shoes, and even some lovely Mother’s Day inspired clothes.

Morrisons are getting it spot on with their Nutmeg childrens clothes. I will 100% be buying some of these pieces for my children. The girls and boys clothes go up to age 12. Morrisons have over 250 stores now stocking clothing and more stores are planned this year, but if you cannot find what you need or your local store isn’t yet stocking Nutmeg, then have a look online where you will find more stock.

Why not head down to your nearest store and take a look? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Project 365 Week 6 – 2015

Week 6 and into February… maybe only a few more weeks until we see signs of Spring?

More drama this week in the shape of car trouble. I had to tax my car but of course I left it till the very last minute, right at the end of the month, only to realise my MOT had run out! Yikes, so a quick visit to the garage on Monday was organised, only to end up with an MOT FAIL! Frantically booked it in to have said failures rectified, dropped the car off then, hours later, the garage rang and proceeded to inform me that they shouldn’t have booked it in because they needed to order parts! Which no one had done. Great. Idiots!

This week also saw Teen having ‘Mock Interview Week’ at school. He’s in year 11 and taking his GCSE’s this summer. The interviews were to teach the kids the skill of CV writing and learning how to impress in an interview. They all had to dress appropriately, which meant Teen wanted a new swanky suit to wear, which I bought for him. All the photo’s from the week are fab, Teen and his friends all looked lovely and so grown up!

Day 32 Sunday 1st February – My Girl doing maths practice.

Day 33 – Teen in his new suit.  His interview was with an Architect, a profession Teen wants to go into, so it was a great opportunity for him. He came away from the interview feeling inspired, which was wonderful!

Day 34 – I attended the NEXT Press Day for Spring Summer 2015. Lots of lovely pieces, I particularly liked this cute little girls dress.

Day 35 – Didn’t really take any pics today apart from this. It’s a unicorn made from play doh!

Day 36 – It was cultural celebration day at my daughter’s school (Juniors) and her friends mum had made these Welsh cakes. She gave us a box and we devoured them. Were very yummy. Just a few left here!

Day 37 – Having attended a special preview of new movie Shaun The Sheep a few weeks ago, the lovely PR sent us over a few goodies to celebrate the release of the film into cinemas. This little Shaun soft toy went down a treat with my children!

Day 38 – Bath time fun with this blue paint Crazy Soap!


Hope you all had a good week.
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