Peculiar Happenings at Ripley’s London

ripleys london

Right now there’s a new exhibition showing at ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not‘ in London’s Piccadilly.

To celebrate the launch of the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie to Blu-ray and DVD, a collection of props and costumes from the film will be on display until 5th March. Some of which include a dress for Eva Green, who played Miss Peregrine, as well the peculiarly incredible Perpetual Calendar, Miss Peregrine’s Birdcage, Enoch’s Heart in a Jar and Barron’s (Samuel L. Jackson’s) snack of choice…. eyeballs!

“It’s a privilege to bring to life some of the fantastical world of mystery, power and peculiarity of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” says Luke Reilly, Head of Sales and Marketing at Ripley’s!

I took my daughter to the cinema to see the film on one of her inset says at school, just her and I. She’d been wanting to see it for a while. It’s probably the most grown up film we’ve seen together at the cinema, even though it’s centred around children, parts of the film are very dark and rather creepy. But she loved it so I knew I just HAD to bring her to this exhibition! We also love Ripley’s so it’s a win win!

Her favourite thing to see was this costume of the character Claire Densmore!

ripleys miss peregrines

Miss Peregrine’s suit…..

And her birdcage..

birdcage ripleys exhibition miss peregrines

We had a great time! The exhibition is a must for any fans of the Miss Peregrine’s books/films. But best of all, having seen it, you can then explore the rest of Ripley’s which is truly amazing! We’ve been a couple of times now and there is literally so much to see.

There are five floors of unbelievable artifacts which will appeal to the biggest and littlest of kids (and adults) – from the sublime to the ridiculous. Completely fascinating!

So even if you don’t make it this half term… never fear… Ripley’s London is open every day of the year and tickets booked more than 14 days in advance receive a 40% discount – including school holidays! Visit the Ripley’s London ticket offers page for more information and to book tickets!

WIN Tickets to The Baby Show

This March, get ready to enjoy a fantastic shopping experience at the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event of the year!

the baby show london 2017

 The Baby Show with MadeForMums will be taking place on the new date of Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th March, at the ExCeL London. Find everything you need for bump, baby and you – with amazing offers all in one place, for three days only!

There will be over 200 exhibitors showcasing a huge array of essential baby products from trusted brands as well as the latest innovations. All the major baby retailers will be there, alongside market leading brands such as, iCandy, Stokke, UppaBaby, Philips Avent, Chicco, MAM, Nuby and high end Italian brand Peg Perego who will be launching in the UK at the show!  There will also be independent brands that you won’t find on the high street.

There will be a wonderful line up of speakers on The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums including experts from the world of breastfeeding, sleep and nutrition as well as real parents giving their first-hand stories and advice including authors Giovanna Fletcher and Clemmie Hooper.

If you are looking for more personal and tailored advice, you can benefit from private 15 minute appointments with The Baby Show Experts at the One To One With The Experts Area – you just need to book your appointment on the day. And once you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, don’t worry about all the carrying as you can take advantage of the free Emma’s Diary Collect-By-Car service where you can drop off all your purchases and continue until you’ve got a carful!

the baby show london 2017 mummy endeavours

It really is a must-attend show for mums and dads to be, parents, friends and family members.

Here at Mummy Endeavours, I’ve teamed up with The Baby Show to give away a pair of tickets worth £20 each!

Please enter via the Gleam widget below filling out as many of the options as possible to give you a better chance of winning!

Best of luck x

Mummy Endeavours – Win a Pair of Tickets to The Baby Show London

The Baby Show is taking place on Friday 3rd March – Sunday 5th March inclusive, open from 9.30am to 5.30pm each day.  Standard on the door tickets are £20.  For more information please visit

The Lego Batman Movie UK Premiere

Lego Batman Movie Premiere

Last weekend we were invited to the amazing Imax cinema Leicester Square, London, to see the highly anticipated new Lego Batman Movie!

My twin boys were beyond excited at the prospect….. I mean really, what child (especially boys) isn’t going to get hysterical about a film that combines the cooler than cool Batman, but also their favourite toy, Lego?! Yes, this film was destined to appeal to every single kid (and big kid) in the whole entire world!

We arrived in Leicester Square at the Imax and there was a little press area outside for photo’s which we made use of ;) this led inside where there was fun in the foyer! There were snacks and drinks (the coffee went down very well on this Sunday morning!) and entertainers on hand in the shape of face painters, illustrators and circus skills artists!



After having a mooch round we headed to our allocated screening room to grab some seats! The Imax is a great cinema with those magnificent screens and luxury seating with plenty of leg room. It’s such a treat coming here!

lego batman movie premiere

We couldn’t wait for the film to start!

legobatman movie

lego batman movie review

Right from the start, the very first scenes brought action and suspense, with Batman being everyone’s dream Superhero…. oozing charisma, immense bravery, confidence and almighty wit to save the day! So much craziness and fun is piled into the first few minutes! I glanced sideways at my twins who were literally on the edge of their seats almost shaking with excitement!

We are introduced to Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker, early on and it’s their relationship that provides the backbone of the storyline!

the joker lego batman movie mummy endeavours

The film pokes fun at the whole Superhero thing! The main characters, Batman and The Joker in particular are massively over characterised and send themselves up throughout the film, which is hilarious!

Batman is voiced by Will Arnettt. It’s an extreme, gravelly growl, similar to Christian Bales’ but deeper! This amused me so much but it’s absolutely perfect! We learn that, although he’s an utterly amazing superhero and great at keeping Gotham City out of the hands of the bad guys, Batman is a little complacent and still a loner. He’s completely self absorbed and has no time for anyone else in his life… apart from of course, his guardian and butler, Albert! This aspect makes for a funny scene when, despite his immense wealth and supersonic Bat Cave (the vast array on Batvehicles kept here is mind boggling…. another feast for the eyes of little AND big kids!), Batman still sits eating a microwave dinner for one and laughs at soppy movies!

That’s all set to change though as he reluctantly, and in some cases, unwittingly, allows people into his life, who in turn help him in his bid to save Gotham City from the clutches of the conniving Joker once again!

I admit to being blown away by the sheer scale of this film and the attention to detail animation wise. The whole world is made out of Lego and not in any place did we forget, Every single tiny ‘brick’ had a use… this fascinated me. The huge wide angled sweeping camera scenes were just visually breath taking. There was so much content in this film, from the detail in the backdrops to the incredible dialogue.

The dialogue was what made this film stand out!

I’ve said this about a number of kids films before, when there’s been added content placed in a kids film purely for the adults that take the kids to watch. But the script for this Lego Batman movie was on a whole new out of this world level! It was pure genius. The jokes and references came thick and fast, with much of it going over kids’ heads of course… but they were more than satisfied with the action and fun bits… the adults in the audience with us at this press showing were all equally as appreciative of the humour, laughing out loud and enjoying every second!

I love the fact that Batgirl is in this movie too…. something for the little girls out there! She really proves to be a great character and role model too!

We all loved this film. My twins said their favourite bit was when Batman sang a song, which I have to admit was very funny! I haven’t seen them this excited about a film upon leaving the cinema for a long time. They could NOT stop talking about it and have asked if we can see it over and over again!

All three of my children said they thought it was much better than the first Lego movie, and they enjoyed that so this MUST be good!

It’s a fantastic film, funny, intelligent and very clever.  Definitely not to be missed. Highly recommend. 10/10.

The Lego Batman Movie is released throughout the UK on 10th February!

Here’s a little taster…..

Lottery Dreaming

So this week it’s the Mega Week with the EuroMillions.

10 GUARANTEED millionaires as well as the usual jackpots.

I’m not religious about doing the lottery as I know I’ll never win, but weeks like this I do believe I’ll have more of a chance!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE secretly dreaming about winning the lottery and could literally drift off into another, luxurious world for hours imagining a lavish life of constant holidays and being surrounded by the most beautiful things.

I love nothing more than deciding what I would buy first. How wonderful to be faced with such a difficult decision ;) ….. what WOULD I buy first??!!

After having a little conversation with my work colleagues this week, it seems I’m not the only one that likes to dream about this!

Do you?

I have two scenarios in this dream. One where I’m incredibly greedy and my winnings are so BIG there is literally no limit as to what I can spend! This means I have to win the EuroMillions. Especially when it’s rolled over a number of times and the jackpot is somewhere in the region of 55 million (as it has been recently!).

Yes, that’ll do nicely thank you!

After much deliberation, I can be sure my first purchase would be a brand new car! Probably a state of the art Range Rover or something like that. I need a 6/7 seater so my choices are limited. Because of this, I may buy two cars. One for when I’m with all the kids, and a little sports car for when I’m just with one, or when I’m alone! I would also buy a nice new car for the OH (whatever he wants) and something special for Teen! I would LOVE to treat Teen to the car of his dreams, even though it probably wouldn’t be a good idea as he hasn’t passed his test yet (having lessons) and therefore wouldn’t be the safest option for a newly qualified driver but…. just to see his overjoyed, ecstatic little face!

In fact, I imagine keeping my lottery win a secret initially so as to ‘surprise’ my loved ones with gifts! How exciting would that be?!

Next, I would organise to have the renovation of our house completed. I would like to see it all finished, even if we were to buy another, which of course we would, but maybe not straight away. This one is very close to my daughter’s school and she has already told me she wouldn’t move schools, even if we could send her the best school in the Country! Bless her!

However, I WOULD move my twins to a new, private school. There are one or two prestigious, independent schools not far from us that I would love to have them educated at!

Shopping on a massive scale would be taking place continually during this time I have to add.

I imagine being able to treat my family and close friends. This makes me the happiest, knowing that I could really make a big difference to their lives. But it’s more than just helping them out, it’s about them being able to enjoy my win too because if I’m going to start living a millionaires lifestyle, I want my friends to live it too otherwise what’s the point? Yes I could pay for everything, but making them rich too means they feel as though they’ve won too and we can all be rich together :)

Ahh….. just thinking about the choices having this much money would bring! How utterly fairy tale like…… We could have anything we wanted…..

I also have the daydream whereby I win only a limited about of money… say £500,000 or one Million. I have to be a little more restrained with this one because actually, even though either of those two figures is a life changing amount, living close to London, it wouldn’t go THAT far, especially if I wanted to buy a house! This requires a lot more careful planning, which is still wonderful, but simply paying off the mortgage and staying put in our current home would be the best option! Thus leaving some for new cars and that all important spending!

But seriously. It would just be great to not have to think about whether we can afford something. To be able to have a good holiday every year and to replace things when we need to, rather than having to make do! It would be nice to eat out more often as a family (it’s an expensive affair when there’s six of you!) and have more days out!

This week I have purchased tickets for Tuesday’s EuroMillions Draw and Friday’s too.

I haven’t checked Tuesdays yet. This is another little thing I do to keep my dream alive. I don’t like to check my tickets straight away because that way, in my mind, I could still be a winner and that means I can carry on with my oh so good daydreams of how I will spend my winnings! The moment I check them and know I haven’t won, it’s a real come down and I feel rather deflated.

So, I could be a winner right now! I could be a millionaire as we speak!

I have my ticket from Tuesday here…..

lottery ticket euromillions

I won’t be checking tonight’s ticket either. For a while!

I have to say that I haven’t won a single thing for years on the Lottery. Not even a measly tenner! It baffles me how the jackpot can roll over for weeks and weeks too, meaning out of all the millions of people who bought tickets, not a single one could match the six numbers! Crazy!

But anyway, I’ll be keeping everything crossed for tonight, and if you’ve bought a ticket, I wish you the very best of luck!

Adam and Eve & Steve The Musical

If you read my blog regularly then you’ll know I’m a massive theatre fan. Especially musicals.

I love all the big, popular shows and have been lucky enough to see quite a few of them, but I’m always interested in new shows too.

This brand new Musical coming to London next month looks brilliant!

Adam and Eve & Steve musical theatre


Flying Entertainment with AES in association with The King’s Head presents:

‘Adam & Eve….and Steve’ makes its London debut at the Kings Head, Islington from 21st March for a 5 week run.  This toe-tapping, warm-hearted new musical delivers laugh-out-loud moments in abundance and turns the age-old story of The Garden of Eden completely on its head.  The show is set to delight audiences and critics alike after a hugely successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival run last August.

God’s plan to create Adam and Eve goes deliciously wrong when the mischievous Beelzebub interferes, and God creates Steve instead of Eve. Adam is delighted with Steve (who thinks he is a woman called St. Eve) and all is harmonious until the two new BFFs are confronted by Eve herself.  A ménage a trois for the modern era ensues, and the future of humankind hangs in the balance as everyman Adam, loveable OTT Steve and jealous Eve try to sort out their tangled emotions….’

This doesn’t look like my usual kind of musical that I see, but I will definitely be making the effort to grab a friend and have some laughs at this acclaimed comedy musical!

It sounds really good! Following a sold out run at Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, this ‘fresh and funny farce is sinfully tongue in cheek and wickedly heart-warming.’

Here are some reviews from the Edinburgh Festival:

“This is not just good – it’s GREAT! From the get-go, the show is slick, brilliantly cast and the performance of each and every individual is perfection.


“It’s exactly the sort of silly, camp fun that one could hope for and a great time to be had, no matter your persuasions.”


“Adam & Eve and Steve is absolutely a show to see, not only as a piece of satisfying entertainment but also for its ability to challenge both socially and theatrically.
 Excellently cast, musically sound and very well performed.”


 “This is a wonderful show with real heart, comedy and great musical accompaniment, one of the most enjoyable shows of the Fringe”


‘One of the biggest musicals at the Edinburgh Fringe’ 


The book and lyrics are by Chandler Warren, a noted US entertainment lawyer, producer and writer. Warren has written extensively for TV and theatre, as well as penning numerous books and articles. He has also produced movies for TV and theatre productions – both on and off Broadway. The original music was composed by Wayne Moore, whose previous works include; There’s No Place Like Hollywood (Stella Adler Theatre), Freeway Dreams (The Gardenia), I Know I Came In Here For Something and The Real Desperate Housewives (Taconic Playhouse, New York).

This production has Francesca Goodridge directing and choreographing once more. Her directing credits include Shout! The Mod Musical at LIPA, Edinburgh Festival and Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre.

The King’s Head Theatre is London’s first and foremost pub theatre and is led by Artistic Director, Adam Spreadbury-Maher. “New writing, revivals, musicals, opera, cabaret and queer work sit side by side in an unashamedly eclectic programme of work. Thanks to an in-house agreement with Equity, we’re leading the way when it comes to ethical employment on the fringe whilst our resident trainee director’s scheme continues to provide comprehensive, vocational training to the rising stars of tomorrow. With high profile co-productions, national touring and transfers to and from the biggest arts festivals in the world, we’re certainly not slowing down!”


Listings Information:

Venue: King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN

Dates: Tuesday 21st March – Saturday 29th April 2017

Press Night: Tuesday 28th March 2017

Times: Tues – Fri @  8.40pm: Sat @  3pm & 8.40pm: Sun @ 5pm

Tickets: £10 – £35   Box office number:  020 7226 8561

For more information and to book tickets head over to the Kings Head Theatre online booking site.


My Sunday Photo – 29/01/17

fod foggy countryside england

My view on my way to work one day this week.

We had a number of foggy and frosty mornings and I actually find them incredibly beautiful. Everything looks so wintry and pretty. I’d much rather some frost than horrible gloomy rain!

I drive down a few country lanes which bring me out onto this flat area and the fog here was so dense I just had to take a quick snap.. it’s very quiet so I was able to stop quickly without being in anyones’ way!



Going on an adventure with Moana!

Disney recently got in touch with us asking if we’d like be involved with their campaign surrounding the release of their new Moana toys into the Disney Stores!

Of course we said yes! My kids LOVE the Disney Store and enjoy browsing in every corner of the place when we visit. In fact, if we go into town for any reason, I HAVE to make a stop at the Disney Store at least once, otherwise I won’t hear the end of it!

The children were sent some of the fab Moana toys to play with…. a gorgeous Plush Hei Hei Rooster character and this Deluxe Figurine Playset

Moana toys

….and they were asked by Disney where in the world they would sail away to on an adventure!

My daughter immediately shouted out….”The Rainforest!”

At which point they were all coming up with a variety of ideas of how they would get there, what they would do and the kind of things they would love to see! They were so excited!

First of all, after opening the toys and playing with them for a while, the children grabbed their atlas book and looked for Rain Forests. They settled on Brazil and the Amazon!

moana toys disney store mummy endeavours

They searched for their old toy boat to put the Moana toys in so they could all set sail together across the ocean to their chosen destination. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

moana toys disney store

With Moana placed firmly in charge of steering the boat, I think she got the journey off to a tremendous start!

My daughter loves animals and has always said she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She watches all kinds of vet and zoo programmes on the TV so the opportunity of meeting some unusual wildlife in the rainforest, big and small is hugely appealing to her!

My little twins came up with the idea of taking the Moana toys into the garden for their rain forest adventure, which was very imaginative I thought. Even if the weather out there was probably as far away from rainforest weather as it could possibly get! Freezing wasn’t the word!

Out in the garden… ahem, the Rain Forest, the toys played in the treehouse, up high in the tropical wilderness!

hei hei toy moana disney store

Then all the toys took a trip up the huge mountain!

moana toys playset disney store

My daughter decided to really make the Moana characters come to life by creating some speech bubbles for them…

imaginative play with moana toys

…when she was done they all continued on their adventure!

The kids absolutely loved playing with all the Moana characters and whether they were inside or outside, they really did let their imaginations run wild!

Disney Store are currently running a competition on their Facebook Page to win a Moana toy bundle! It’s on until 30th January so if you have some little Moana fans in your household, why not pop over and enter? There’s three runners up prizes too so more chance of winning!

If you have any Moana toys, try encouraging your children to get creative and make an adventure of their own! Share their stories on social media with the hashtag #DisneyStoreUk so everyone else can see what they’ve got up to!

Disclosure: Collaboration with Disney. We received the toys free of charge in order to create this adventure. All ideas and words our own.
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