Willows Farm Family Ticket Giveaway

The summer holidays have now officially started (woohoo!!) and families all over the country are busy planning their days out here and there with the kids. Looking forward to visiting their favourite places whilst the weather is (hopefully) nice!

One of our favourite places to visit locally is Willows Farm. I’ve written about it many times but I can’t help being a huge fan, it’s a fabulous place to be.

You don’t have to be local to it though, it’s one of those places that’s worth travelling to! There is so much to see and do, you could easily spend all day long there so it’s easily worth the effort and the entrance fee, which isn’t expensive I might add!

We will definitely be visiting once or twice over the summer holidays and the annual A_-MAIZE_-ING Maze has returned again this year which we absolutely love!

This year, two year old Alina Maisie, from Chesham planted the seeds of summer at Willows Farm and they are now ready for the Summer Spectacular event at which began the 19th July.

With her wheelbarrow and trowel in hand, Alina sowed the seeds for a maize maze that will span acres of land, with a little help from Farmers Anna and Andrew of course. Farmer Andrew said ‘Our A-maize-ing Maze is a firm family favourite but this year we wanted to do something extra special. Parents often describe their children as “shooting up” so we wanted to plot our maize maze’s growth against little Alina Maisie’s growth!’

But Alina Maisie may be on the back foot as the A-maize-ing Maze is set to grow to be 6 feet tall by the height of summer. Alina’s Mum, Katharina, said ‘We’re so pleased to be involved in the planting of the maze at Willows, and seeing how tall Alina Maisie will grow compared to the maze. “We’ve been invited back to visit so Alina Maisie can track the maze’s progress – I can’t wait to see her face when she sees the maize seeds she planted towering over her!”

As well as Maisie’s A-maize-ing Maze, Willows will also have a jam-packed programme of activity for visitors to enjoy during Summer Spectacular! Visitors can take a punt on Billy No Mates or Kid Me Kate as they compete to win on the goat racing track. They can then go for gold themselves in the summer sports day races- who will be the fastest on the space hoppers or the quickest to navigate their wheelbarrow around the cones? Plus, find all the family favourites like Woolly’s Workout Agility Play Trail, Tristan the Runaway Tractor and under cover play at JCB Little Learners and Woolly’s Jumpers Indoor play barn throughout the summer season.

We can’t wait to go!

Summer Spectacular is at Willows from 19 July to 31 August 2014, for more info visit the Willows Farm website.

Here at Mummy Endeavours though I am giving away a family ticket for Willows and I want YOU to have it… so enter now via Rafflecopter, it’s ever so easy….

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Project 365 and Diary Update Weeks 28 and 29 2014

Ok. So I have been slacking of late with the Project as it’s been a manic July, what with the Christmas in July’s and other events, plus end of term shenanigans it’s been non stop. But I am still taking photo’s and one day I might be organised enough to get my WEEKLY Project 365 post up on a Saturday rather than a two weeker whenever I get round to it!!

Project 365 is of course, a year long project of taking a photo a day, every single day for a whole year! Up to 200 days now so over half way now!

This post is for weeks 28 and 29 (obviously, the title gave it away!)… dates between Sunday 6th July and Saturday 19th July!

project 365

Day 187 – Our Lollibop boat trip. You can win tickets for the actual big event next month on my blog here. It’s a fantastic day out!

Day 188 - After school my twins usually pick some flowers for me in the school field. They usually consist of weeds or daisy’s but I love it, it’s so sweet!

Day 189 - One of the twins, this is H. He’s in my bed in the morning and don’t little ones always look so damn gorgeous when they’re sleeping?

Day 190 - This is one of the displays at the Lakeland Christmas in July event, they had some gorgeous products on show! I wanted them all!!

Day 191 - On a networking mission in Londons West End going on a Big Red Bus Tour!! It was an interesting evening…..

Day 192 - On Friday I was invited to a beauty event. I was knackered and wasn’t going to go as it was in the West End again but I made the effort and I’m so glad I did. They were a great bunch of people with some lovely products that I cannot wait to try out!

Day 193 - With my lovely blogging friend Afra from Mad Mum of 7 on our way to a ‘secret project’ meet up with Tots 100, all will be revealed in due course!

project 365

Day 194 – At the Pudsey Movie Premiere

Day 195 – My little O playing at the park after school

Day 196 - I was at the Argos Christmas in July event and met the lovely Emma Bunton for the 2nd time this year! Practically bessie mates now ;)

Day 197 – At the Amazon Christmas event… this little fella was highly entertaining.

Day 198 – Last but not least (I must be mad) I flew past the House of Fraser Christmas event, I had Teen with me on this day as he had already finished school. I can’t say he enjoyed it but they had some lovely products on show, I loved this perfume, it smelled divine and is exclusive to House of Fraser. It’s part of the AW2014 collection.

Day 199 – Matching mother and daughter shoes! Out jelly JuJu’s! I love mine, in white and my little girl has the sparkly transparent pair! Too cute!

Day 200 – Enjoying the weather in our pool at home!

Phew! Another two weeks have past in my life. It’s almost time to do week 30 but I didn’t want to bundle three weeks together in one post so this is a very late to the table two weeker!

I shall be back very soon with the next instalment!

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Pudsey The Movie – A Premiere

In case you weren’t already aware, Pudsey the dog… remember him? That gorgeous little talented dog that won Britains Got Talent a few years back? The one that Simon Cowell fell in love with and subsequently took under his wing? Yes, that one, well he’s made a movie!!!!

And it opened in cinemas nationwide yesterday, 18th July.

We were very lucky to be invited to the Premiere in Leicester Square last Sunday and my children had been looking forward to it all week (as had I), we couldn’t wait. It was so exciting, I mean, seeing celebrities, being on the red carpet and soaking up the atmosphere… it’s not something you do every day!

pudsey the movie

In Leicester Square.. the home of movie premieres, the paparazzi were poised ready for us the stars to arrive and we made the most of photo opportunities! Of course, the only ‘star’ my kids wanted to see was Pudsey himself!

pudsey movie premiere

My daughter spotted these two very talented young ladies – Opera singers Lucy Kay,  (this years Britains Got Talent runner up) and Charlotte Jaconelli (of Jonathan and Charlotte, also BGT runner up!) They very kindly posed for this photo!


Once inside the cinema we were also treated to a pre-film party, whereby we ate Pudsey related party food and all sorts of entertainment was laid on.. then when we had taken our seats in the auditorium, Pudey and trainer Ashleigh (who looked stunning) came in to introduce the film and say a few words about their amazing story! Ok, well Ashleigh spoke, Pudsey barked!

The film has been billed as “A heart-warming, quintessentially British adventure for all the family”. And that’s exactly how I would describe it too.

The first thing I noticed as soon as the film started was that Ashleigh wasn’t in it! Not surprising considering she’s not an actress, but I hadn’t given it a thought beforehand! Instead, Pudsey in the film is a stray London dog who finds love in the form of a family who are moving to the countryside! Que lots of fun and capers and lots of London landmarks and British countryside! It’s sure to appeal to cinema goers overseas! Pudsey is actually filmed in Hertfordshire where I live.. I recognised lots of familiar places which made it very exciting for us!

My children LOVED the film and Pudsey was amazing in it! It really is a feel good film, it’s simple but entertaining, all my children were mesmerised from start to finish.

I would recommend everyone go and see it, especially if you have children.. they will absolutely LOVE it! And if you haven’t, it’s still worth seeing.. there are some laugh out loud moments and the odd tear jerking moment too. There’s something for everyone.

I would definitely go and see it again.

Teachers Presents

We have come to the end of another school year.

I cannot believe my twins have completed Reception. It’s been a tough year for us all, emotionally, with my boys being the youngest in the year group. I felt they weren’t ready for school at all. I’ve written about it many times and I’ll write a more detailed post soon about how they have managed.

But right now it’s all about their teachers who, I have to say, have been utterly amazing this year. Both their main teacher, who is wonderfully animated and brilliant, and their classroom assistant especially who I know they have grown to love. Really. They actually cuddle her, it’s blatantly obvious to anyone how much she has done to help them this year.

So this morning, we presented the teachers with the presents and cards that us parents had put in the collection for. It was lovely, but equally sad because we know our children won’t be having them next year.

I want to buy separate presents though, from the boys. These teachers have been too special and have played too much an important role to not do this. I want to get them something that shows how much I, for one, have appreciated all their efforts.

But what?

Born Gifted Logo

I thought maybe something personalised. I perused the world wide web and came across this fabulous website.. Born Gifted. It sells all sorts of gifts, not just for a teacher, but lovely gifts for many different occasions and they’re a little bit different from some of the samey stuff I’ve seen.

Born Gifted is an award winning family business which began life way back in 2002 and has since grown into one of the major players for online toys and gifts. I love the fact that there is FREE delivery on all orders, not many stores provide THAT!

After scouring, I have opted for this mug. It’s a lovely design and I love the message, it’s so sweet and perfect for their teacher…..

Personalised Female Teacher ‘Books’ Mug

The message reads: Dear… Thank you being my wonderful teacher love….

I also love this card..

World's Best Teacher Card


There are so many nice things, I want more… might get this too because let’s face it, all teachers love chocolate, right?

Personalised Best Teacher Chocolate Bar

My children don’t break up from school until next week so I’ll be just in time with these gifts but if your children have already finished, please do check out the Born Gifted website as they have so many lovely things that are ideal to give as presents, or to simply decorate your home.

I’m loving this personalised light up canvas for my daughters room…

Or how about this cute little egg cup?

Born Gifted have a lovely 1st birthday range too…. I’m sure even the little Prince George who has a first birthday coming would love a few items from it!! They have a very extensive toy section for children of all ages as well as babies.

I’m sure my twins teachers are going to love their special gifts we have chosen for them, I think it’s much more personal to choose gifts separately. Baking cakes is another nice gesture for that special teacher in your childs life!

Hope your children have enjoyed their school year. Did you join in with a class collection for your teachers or do you prefer to buy your own gift?

Morning Mayhem

I find the morning rush stressful. It’s fair to say I absolutely HATE it.

I look forward to the school holidays when I can wake leisurely….. I don’t mean laze in bed all day, I’m happy to get up early, it’s the rushing to get out of the door with four kids that’s the killer. And I know I have a teenager who pretty much sorts himself out but he can nag sometimes.

“Mum where’s this” or “Can I have this” or “You haven’t done that”… etc, so more often than not he contributes to my already high stress levels.

Getting the younger three to even MOVE is a mammoth task in itself. They work in slow motion you see… and it’s all I can do to stop myself screaming at them but I try not to. Bless them, they’re tired,I think. And being a bit disorganised myself, I always blame myself for not having everything ready the night before and more often than not I’m always looking for something as I’m about to leave the house, which drives me insane.

But yesterday, the joke that is my morning routine hit a whole new level!!

It was past my time to leave and I was rushing around. Nothing new there.  I went out to the car and unlocked it and told the three little ones to get in, Teen walks to school with friends. I often do this as it stops the children being under my feet for those last few seconds before leaving. The twins jump into their car seats and my daughter fastens their seatbelts. This saves precious time too.

Now, for some completely peculiar reason, she had never done this before…. my daughter had put the key in the ignition. I remember thinking it was odd but I didn’t question it as we were running late. She hadn’t turned they key or anything and I assumed she had done it to save time.

I have a long keyring type thing attached to my car keys, one of the kids put it on once and I kept it on because well, it enables me to locate them much quicker when searching for them in my huge handbag!!

The key ring

So, I switch the engine on ready to go… but as I’ve started to pull away from my house it quickly became obvious something felt very wrong with the car. The steering wheel wasn’t moving. At all.

My mind was racing and as I’m moving across the other side of the road on course to hit the houses opposite I’m frantically trying to fathom it out! I thought it was the steering rack or the power steering that was broken…. what was happening?!!!!! Aargh!! Not sure why I hadn’t put my foot on the brake at this point but thankfully I was moving slowly as I’d just pulled off so in these split seconds all I wanted to do was turn the wheel. Quick. I couldn’t just break anyway because my car was diagonal across the road! I needed to straighten the car up.

It was then that I noticed. My daughter had undone the black fastener of the keyring and tied it around the steering wheel somehow… OMG what was she thinking? The steering wheel wouldn’t turn because the keyring had jammed it into the one position. Why why why? I had to do something!!! So I yanked the steering wheel with sheer brute force to get the wheels to turn the other way!

Then there was an almighty SNAP. They key broke in the ignition. The engine turned off and I was stuck, diagonal across the road with a broken key in the ignition, completely flush so there was no way I could get pliers or anything else to pull it out! NOOOOOOOOO

GREAT! This could only happen to ME.

What was left of my key

I actually couldn’t believe what was happening. My daughter was horrified and I was in shock. Angry, but not really at her, it wasn’t her fault, although why she did it I’ll never know! I sat there for a moment trying to take stock. The twins were looking at me, clueless as to what just happened!!

So there I was. Up shit creek without a paddle. Why the hell did I even bother getting up and rushing around this morning? I should’ve stayed in bed! It couldn’t get any worse could it? Oh yes, I forgot, I was supposed to be in work too.

I called the OH who was already at work and he suggested the RAC or a locksmith. He wasn’t amused. I managed to put the car in neutral and luckily it rolled (I would never have been able to push it, it’s a huge 7 seater!) so I managed to straighten it up a tiny bit, even though it was miles away from the curb! I took the kids back in the house while I deliberated on what to do with them.

I was tempted to keep them off school and not go into work but I thought better of it. The RAC wouldn’t come out because I don’t have home start. Well they would, it would just cost me ninety odd quid for the call out. Yeah, sod right off! Two locksmiths said they probably wouldn’t be able to get the key out?! I tried to find a specialist auto locksmith but in the mean time, the OH called back to say a guy he knows had a tool that he thought would get the broken key out of the ignition and he would bring it back later on. He was at least an hour away at work.

I decided to call a cab and take the kids to school and carry on to work. OH would pick us up after school time.

Taking the twins through reception at school an hour later than usual proved difficult. They got upset and wanted to stay with me. They had a complete meltdown. Of course they did! This is how my morning could get worse!!! I had a cab waiting outside the school, clock friggin ticking away racking up my fare and my little boys were hanging off my legs screaming! I tried for what seemed like ages to encourage them to go in nicely but they were having none of it. I ended up having to leave them with the staff to deal with.. their idea not mine. It was awful, they were crying for me as I left… My poor babies. I just wanted to take them home and snuggle up with them and forget the whole damn stupid day!!

But instead, I got back in the cab and went to work. Stressed.







The Rug Doctor Family of Clean!!

We are going through a huge building project on our home at the moment. It’s going slowly and it’s making a mess.

When we moved here we decided not to do the place up because there was no point, knowing a big extension was planned but because the twins were small we decided to have a decent carpet fitted in the lounge. There was a strict no shoes policy in there for a while but it seems to be no longer in place and the results are well, noticeable shall we say!!!!

I became complacent, thinking the carpet would be ripped up any time soon but because of the difficulties with the build the carpet is going to have stay put for a little while longer and the state of it is driving me mad!! It’s beyond repair as far as I’m concerned in terms of cleaning and stain riddance.

A friend of mine keeps telling me to get a Rug Doctor!!! She absolutely swears by them, hiring them out regularly for her own home and almost forcing me to get one too. But until now, I haven’t. Not sure why, probably the lazy cow in me envisaging pushing this machine around the room… might as well get someone else in to do it, right? Not that I wanted to be forking out for a professional when my friend insists that I’ll get the same deep clean results with a Rug Doctor.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, would you believe it? I got an invite to pop along to a Rug Doctor event in London, whereby they were showcasing their famous carpet cleaner to bloggers so we could have a hands on experience of using one, and to get a glimpse at their brand new products!

Well, excited just doesn’t cover it!! (I don’t get out much!)

So what did I learn?

Well, I learnt that us Brits think our homes are cleaner than they probably are and that for most people, we simply don’t have enough time to spend on cleaning. I would include myself in this. I learnt that in general, as long as their home ‘looks’ clean… then people don’t mind if it really isn’t. A large percentage of Brits have, at some point, had someone or an animal poop, wee or be sick on their carpet and many admit to having sex on it!!! Not sounding so clean now!! Eww!

I was very keen to see the Rug Doctor up close and personal… I made the most of my chance to give it a go. I think you’ll agree from looking at the pictures that the results are simply astonishing!

rug doctor

The Rug Doctor is a bit on the heavy side but not overly so. You need to take a moment to familiarise yourself with it and to get comfortable. It feels a bit like mowing the lawn actually! Once you get into the flow of things, it’s very easy! Once you’ve added the special Rug Doctor cleaning fluid and water, which there are clear instructions for, you’re ready to go. You lift the front part up slightly to release the cleaning fluids then let it down and pull backwards while the powerful suction action deep cleans your carpet completely.

The carpet in the photos had been soiled with the kind of dirt that any house would find getting trodden into or spilled onto it’s carpets. Things like dirt/soil, coca cola etc… and just look at the transformation!!

It was truly remarkable what we were seeing.

The machine also comes with a hand tool which you can use to clean fabrics and upholstery. It’s very important not to forget these when giving your home a deep clean as it can prevent allergens building up, causing all sorts of unpleasant ailments.

rug doctor

Every new thing I saw I was totally blown away by. The effectiveness was utterly staggering. We even watched demonstrations of notoriously bad stains devils like red wine and cranberry juice being removed by some of the spray on and wipe clean Rug Doctor detergents that you can buy to keep under your kitchen sink for emergencies and spot cleans. These worked like magic, literally fizzing away the stain right before our eyes.

rug doctor stain


We were actually lucky enough to be given some bottles to take home. In fact, we could fill our boots and take as many as we could carry so I got one in a number of formulations…. there were bottles for urine clean up… great if you have small children and/or pets, odour eliminator, on the spot tough stain remover, fabric cleaner…. you name it, there was a bottle for it!!!

The Rug Doctor machines are for hire only and cost as little as £25 for a couple of days. You can pick them up in places like B&Q and in some larger Tesco’s stores, among other places. This is the best way to use them as these industrial machines are their most powerful. However, you CAN buy one to keep if you’d prefer… they are very costly though, worth it if course, but expensive and the spec is slightly different, not as powerful and they come in a blue colour… there is a very valid reason for this… and that is because people have been known to hire out the industrial machines (these only come in RED) then try to flog them on selling sites like Ebay. Of course it’s very easy to spot that this machine isn’t theirs to sell if it’s the red one!!

As a special sneaky peak exclusive… I can tell you that Rug Doctor are very pleased to introduce their brand new lightweight model which will be in shops in the very near future. This cleaner will be a lot easier to use around the home and whilst it isn’t a replacement for the professional quality you’d get from the hire out version, it is one you could use in between deep cleans. It has a long handle, and long tube, handy for cleaning difficult areas like the stairs or your car, and the hand held brush attachment has unique, moveable bristles to give even better cleaning.

new rug doctor machine

I have to say I am totally in awe of the Rug Doctor and all it’s products, which incidentally have been voted the top cleaning products in ‘Which’ reports for the past few years!

I am convinced that even MY carpet will scrub up like new with one of these and I cannot wait to get one home to try out!

Watch this space!

For further information on the Rug Doctor, please visit their website www.rugdoctor.co.uk


Lollibop on the High Seas and Win Tickets to Lollibop 2014

Last Sunday my children and I were invited on board the good ship Lolli Rodger to experience some high seas tomfoolery courtesy of Lollibop!

Yes, the fantastic Lollibop team put together this one off event as a little pre-festival taster of fun for little ones on a boat trip down the Thames, and what a fab time was had by all!

The Pirates and Princesses theme was perfect, although my boys didn’t want to dress up, there were lots of kiddies that did and they looked great! On board the specially prepared boat there was a mini disco, arts and crafts, face painting and games! The boat set sail down the Thames from Butlers Wharf at 11am and we were back again at around 12.30 so just enough time to fit everything in without it becoming too much! And who can resist taking in the London scenery which to me is always beautiful.

lollibop lolli rodger

So much fun and excitement for the kids on board

lollibop lolli rodger

Arts and Crafts, my children enjoyed this very much

lollibop lolli rodger

 Beautiful views

We had a great time and it has seriously whet our appetites now for the main event, not long to wait… just over a month to go until Lollibop arrives at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Hatfield House is easily accessible by road, or rail, just 20 mins from London Kings Cross and has ample parking on site.

Have you got your tickets yet?


Lazy Town Live, Bear Grylls Survival Academyand other top names have been added to the already brilliant lineup.  LolliBoppers are invited to join the hit television show Lazy Town Live on the main stage at this year’s festival.  Stephanie, the new girl in town, with the help of her back flipping super hero friend Sportacus, will teach festival goers how to get active, what is “sports candy”, where good energy comes from and most importantly how to become super heroes! This highly energetic mini show will have everyone jumping, dancing and singing along!

Join the universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance in the STOMP workshops.  The team behind the hit West End show will be taking up residence at LolliBop running workshops across the weekend.  Step into the exciting world of music using pipes, bins, plastic bottles and much more… and once fully trained, mini STOMP-ers are invited to join the daily parade to showcase their new talents.  Bin lids have never been so much fun.

Calling all muggles and magical folk! Sign up to Harry’s Wizard School and take part in fun antics and enchanted activities…. Ever wondered which house you would belong to?  Well now you can find out with a visit to the sorting hat! Plus put your wizarding skills to the test with Bean Planting Workshops, Wand Making Workshops andBroomstick Training.  Expect one or two special guest appearances too!

Making the most of LolliBop’s new home with its fantastic green spaces and woodlands, the incredible Bear Grylls Survival Academy will be joining LolliBop for the first time. Taster sessions, include Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Camouflaging and Concealment, Gross Eating and many more.  Have you got what it takes to survive?

A must for all budding Beckhams, Rooneys and Bales is the Tottenham Hotspur Global Coaching Team who will be at LolliBop teaching kids essential football skills, including passing, dribbling, keepy uppies, shooting, 5-a-side and more.

The newly announced acts and activities join an already vast confirmed line up of some of the biggest names in kids entertainment, including:

CBeebiesSuperstar Justin Fletcher (Saturday & Sunday)

Mister Maker (Friday only)

Mr Bloom

CBBC’s Big Friday Wind Up stars Sam & Mark

Andy Day’s Live Show

Thomas & Friends

Chris &Pui Mini Roadshow

Scooby-Doo! The Mystery of the Pyramid

Cook and Line from Swashbuckle (Fri & Sat)

Michaela Strachan’s Really Wild Adventures Show

Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic present a Silent Disco!

Join In with Southbank Centre, including music, dancing, fashion shows, DJs, pirate school, den making and takeaway crafts

Skylanders Trap Team

Postman Pat Mini Show

The Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre

Science Museum.

National Geographic Kids woodlands takeover

Beano events

I don’t know about you but I think all of the above in one place at the same time? How is this possible and can all of this really take place over a weekend? This is why Lollibop is the best kids festival, ever!


The team behind the LolliBop festival – Broadwick Live and Live Nation – have announced their partnership with Sparks, the leading children’s medical research charity. The UK’s biggest kids festival, which takes place at Hatfield House and includes hundreds of engaging activities, interactive zones and big name performances all aimed the under 10′s, now will give families the opportunity to make a life-changing difference to other children by simply having fun.

As the leading children’s medical research charity Sparks is dedicated to funding and championing pioneering research into a range of conditions affecting babies, children and pregnant women. Since 1991 Sparks charity has committed over £27million to pioneering research projects across a wide spectrum of medical conditions including childhood cancers, cerebral palsy, premature birth and spina bifida. In total Sparks has funded more than 270 research projects in more than 80 hospitals, universities and research institutions across the UK and abroad.

Festival director, Gareth Cooper said: “LolliBop is a fantastic family day out and we’re delighted that this new partnership with Sparks will enable us to communicate some really important messages about the great work they do, as well as hopefully raising lots of money for this great cause along the way.”

Sparks will host interactive stands and exciting events each day to add to the mini-festival goer’s experience such as a treasure trail, celebrity bake-off and a chance to find out more about the science behind their research.

Each year, less than £10 per child in the UK is spent on research into child health. Every day 1 in 30 babies are born in the UK with a condition which may affect them for life. Sparks raises money to fund pioneering children’s medical research to get this to change.

Zillah Bingley, Sparks’ Chief Executive, said: “We’re really excited to be part of Lollibop this year. As well as providing some fantastic funactivities for children, support through the festival can help us to fund another ground-breaking medical project. Together we can move closer to funding cures or treatments for some of the most devastating conditions that turn a child and family’s life upside down.”

To book tickets and make a donation to Sparks, visit www.lollibopfestival.co.uk



Lollibop 2014


Enter via Rafflecopter before, it’s very easy to use and gives you multiple chances of winning…..

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms & Conditions
  • The competition closes on 1st August 2014
  • We have one family pass to giveaway. Each pass admits 4 people, one person in the group must be aged over 18 (NB children under the age of 12 months do not require a ticket)
  • The winning family can attend on the day of their choice, either August 15, or August 16 or August 17. The date must be specified at time of confirming the prize
  • Travel and accommodation are not included
  • The prize is non-refundable and cash alternative will be offered
  • The prize is non transferable and ID will be required at time of collecting the ticket wristband upon arrival
  • The prize includes all events and activities at LolliBop but not food and drink from any stalls or bar

Good Luck