The Ugglys – A Review


We were recently sent one of the Ugglys toys to review, I was very excited about this delivery because it’s my twins birthday soon and I thought it would be perfect to give to them as a present! I opened it very carefully so as to not damage the box and me and my nine year old daughter got down to the very important business of playing…. for the purposes of this review!!! I have since put it back in the box, ready to give to my soon to be 5 yr old twin boys …

And they are going to LOVE IT!!

This toy is brilliant. It has all the credentials that little boys (and girls, but mainly boys) desire!

Noisy, disgusting, funny, silly, cheeky….. Oh yes, it ticks all the boxes!


The Ugglys come in a few varieties  of Dog – We have Rudey the Pug!

Now, I’ve seen these toys advertised on the TV and my kids have pointed them out to me before but I had no idea really what they did.  They are actually puppets. Rubbery, strange little ugly electronic puppets!

They are slightly bigger and heavier than I imagined. They feel very robust even though the rubber is soft, easy to handle and move.

Your new, disgusting adorable little pet even comes with it’s own Uggdoption Certificate so your child can really feel as though he has a new loveable friend to look after for ever and ever…. aww!!!!!! Hehe

ugglys review

The Ugglys are programmed with over 30 gross sounds, it burps, it farts, it’s loud and you can change the ‘pitch’ of the sounds if you want to by turning the collar! As a puppet you can squeeze it’s face into all sorts of funny positions making him pull even uglier faces than he already has! Champion gurner!

My daughter and I spent quite some time messing around with this toy and she thought it was so much fun! I can’t wait to wrap it up and give it to my twins, they have no idea they have one and I’m sure they’ll think it’s amazing and be arguing over it in no time!! Maybe I should go and buy another one, a friend for Rudey, a different breed or colour though. The Pugs come in three different shades, then there is a Dalmatian and St. Bernard also.

This toy is bound to have the kids amused for hours, giggling at all the silly disgustingness!! I’m sure it would go down a treat in any household, as long as it’s out of earshot of the adults of course!

The Ugglies are made my Character and retail are around £29.99. You can also buy them at all major retailers.

I was sent one of the Ugglys for the purpose of an honest review.

The Andrex Clean Report – How clean are YOU?

A few weeks back I was invited to meet with the lovely people at Andrex and some of the experts who compiled the research that went into the Andrex Clean Report.

The event was held in a plush London hotel and along with a sprinkling of other bloggers, we all got together round a large table in a very luxurious boardroom to discuss the findings of the report and give our own opinions about it.

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting involved with and if I’m honest I was a little apprehensive as to how we were going to discuss ‘being clean’ without it either being funny (hehe) or slightly awkward. It was a bit of both I guess but in the main it was VERY interesting!

You may have seen the recent media campaign surrounding the report and it’s findings, as well as it’s core message which is to get us thinking about how clean we are!

The first hurdle that Andrex had to jump was the problem of talking. The thing is, we don’t generally discuss these sorts of things do we? It’s a bit embarrassing I suppose but there’s no reason for it to be. Everyone does it and to compile this report and find out what the real meaning of being completely clean  is to us Brits, Andrex HAD to get people talking!


The Andrex Clean Report investigates how we, as a Nation, wipe our bottoms and asks the question, are we doing it sufficiently enough? More importantly, are we teaching our children the right way to wipe and instilling in them at a very young age the importance of being clean? It also introduces ‘The Andrex Clean Routine’ which will teach us the very best way to wipe, something they hope will help everyone feel more clean and confident.

I was intrigued.

We all know that not wiping properly or at least not washing our hands afterwards, can have very serious health implications, it can spread all sorts of diseases and viruses around. Poor sanitation is still the biggest killer in some countries after all. But what of the health implications to ourselves  of not ‘wiping’ properly?

One gram of poo contains 10,000,000 viruses and 1,000,000 bacteria, eww! This can cause urinary infections, skin infections and many other complaints. But it goes further than that.

Not feeling clean can have emotional affects on our well being too, check out these findings….

The Andrex Clean Report

As you can see, being clean has significant emotional benefits.

Almost a third of people asked said they feel they could be cleaner. The findings also discover that over a third of Brits are NOT wiping themselves properly and the fact that no one really talks about it leaves people unsure of the correct way.

We’re not taught in a text book sense on how to wipe, we just think we know. It’s what we’ve always done and as long as it seems to be ok then that’s fine. Surely there can’t be a right way and a wrong way?

Actually yes, and this Google search fact whereby people have typed in the words ‘how to?’ reveals that people do REALLY want to know how should be done…..

 andrex clean report

So what IS the correct way to wipe that will bring us that all important feeling of CLEAN and ensuring we keep ourselves and our families fresh and healthy?

Andrex has consulted leading medical and hygiene experts to create this simple five-step routine…

andrex clean report

We should be educating our children too as soon as we can. Potty training is the ideal time, start as you mean to go on. Of course, most children don’t wipe without help until the ages of 5 of 6 yrs. It’s something we can instil in them that will be of benefit all through their lives.

And even though a lot of people reading this may be thinking “I haven’t got time to mess around like that every time I go to the toilet” – the people that DO try it all say they feel much better for it, and would NEVER go back to doing it the way they did before. We were given a few packets of the Andrex Moist Wipes ourselves to take home and as a family we’ve been trying to follow the routine.. I have to admit that everyone liked it and I have since bought more! They’re made from a biodegradable material which means you can flush them away, unlike other wipes!

The only downside, which is a point raised in the meeting, is that for some people, buying moist wipes is just an added expense that they simply can’t afford. Not only that, it’s fine to do this routine at home but what about when we’re out and about? And schools don’t follow this routine either so it’s tricky to say to our children they need to follow the clean routine, but if they can’t do it at school it might be difficult to keep in place. I know my 5 yr old twins will avoid going to toilet at all at school if they can help it, so asking them to go and get their moist wipes before hand would be a huge ask!! Unless school teach and provide the wipes, this is something we will just have to do in our own homes.

Personally, even if people choose not to go ahead and follow the Clean Routine for whatever reason, I think this report and subsequent campaign has been a fantastic catalyst in getting us thinking and talking about being clean.


Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Weeks 31 and 32

This is another two weeker again. I know I’m a little behind with this project but as I said on a previous post, I am still taking photo’s so I’ll keep going in my own time for now :)

Week 31

This was going into the second week of the school holidays and the main thing to note I guess is that I travelled up to Lancashire to visit my Dad. I love going there. The kids love going there and we always have a lovely time.

project 365

Day 209 – Sunday 27th July – This photo was taken on a walk near our home. I love the light the sun is creating around my daughters hair

Day 210 – We went round to the twins little friends house for a tea party as it was his birthday

Day 211Drove up my Dad’s. The kids wasted no time in getting out in his garden collecting caterpillars

Day 212 – Three youngest chilling out with my Dad’s dog who they adore

Day 213 – We took a trip into Manchester to visit the Legoland Discovery Centre

Day 214 – An evening selfie with my boys whilst cuddling up

Day 215 – Teen and I in Costa. Going for a coffee just the two of us is something we have started doing regularly now. He loves it!

Week 32

 project 365

 Day 216 – Sunday 3rd August - We went to visit a local fair which was 1940′s inspired. There were people dressed up and they had this magnificent array of tanks and war memorabilia

Day 217 - A thoroughly enjoyable day trip to Blackpool. We spent most of the day on the Pleasure Beach amusement park but this was taken on the actual beach, with the Blackpool Tower in the distance

Day 218 - Another fair ground but this time a more modern one!! My daughter and her cousin

Day 219 - The kids played in my Dads garden before we set off for home

Day 220 - This was our Dentist visit day. We went to the park afterwards as a treat and met up with friends

Day 221 - My daughter practising her gymnastics, she’d been off for over a week which meant she was eager to get back!

Day 222 - Blogstock! A festival for bloggers!

Silent Sunday – 10/08/14





Fun on the South Bank

Last week, after the Nickelodeon event, I headed down to the South Bank in London with my fave bloggers Ruth from Rockernrollerbaby and Katie from ModernMummy. I love London especially on a hot summers day, it can’t be beaten as far as I’m concerned.

south bank

We walked across town and over the Golden Jubilee bridge to the South Bank. I love the views across the Thames

south bank london

Girls chillin’ in the sunshine

The South Bank is a vibrant, bustling, exciting place to be. It’s a very popular tourist spot and at the moment they have the Festival of Love going on around the streets, which brings an array of bright colours and other attractions like giant slides and disappearing and reappearing fountains, which on a very hot day like this the kids loved and cooled off in! We had packed swimming cozzies just for this purpose :)

south bank fountains

The fountains were amazing!


Drying off standing by this makeshift gigantic hair dryer!! 

south bank sand pit

The children played happily here in this huge sandpit along the South Bank for hours. It nestles amongst the trees which shows very clever planning as the children were shaded from the burning hot sun

 Such a fabulous afternoon with lovely friends x


Linking up with #Country Kids over at Coombe Mill Blog although this outing is an Urban Kids one :)
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Dentist Success

Yesterday we had a trip to the dentist.

All four children were booked in as a summer holiday treat (hehe).

My twins haven’t been before, I haven’t tried to take them until now because, well, it would’ve been absolutely pointless.

There is no way on this earth either of my twins would’ve gone anywhere near that dentist’s chair…. I know exactly what they would’ve done, and that is to hide behind me, scream and refuse to even go through the door. They are painfully shy (as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions) and this can lead to some very difficult behaviour and intense, stressful situations, so if I can avoid a scenario that will potentially cause them (and me) a lot of upset, I will.


The Dentist has been one of those situations I’ve chosen to ignore as there has been no obvious problems with my boys teeth, but at almost 5 yrs old the Other Half decided it was about time they went and took it upon himself to book them in when he had to make an appointment for our daughter. And just to go the whole hog he included Teen too, good to get them all done while they’re off school!

I had talked with O and H (my twins)  about this visit on numerous occasions leading up, so they knew they were going and we seemed to reach a point where they were fine with it.

O had to see the Doctor a few weeks ago as he had been having a lot of earache, and it was the first time in his life that he hadn’t screamed the place down as soon as we walked in. Usually he would kick and scream, he was so terrified but this time he sat on my lap quietly and after much coaxing, ALLOWED the doctor to actually look at him, albeit VERY briefly! I knew it was so very difficult for him, he was shaking, but in that moment, I also knew we had turned a corner.

So maybe this Dentist visit would go the same way.

My daughter was first in the chair (I think she actually enjoys it) then Teen, then it was the twins turn. But true to form they covered their mouths with their hands and hid behind me!!!!

The more I tried to persuade them, the more they clung to me.

The Dentist himself was very lovely and patient. He said all the right things but they were having none of it.

It must be terribly daunting for a small child though, that first visit to the dentist, but with a bit of gentle persuasion and the promise of a sticker they’ll usually get in the chair. Of course this wasn’t enough for my boys.

No way.

I had to get serious. I offered to take them to the park afterwards if they allowed the Dentist to look at their teeth. I offered to call up their friend from school and invite him over. I even offered a new toy each…. ok don’t judge, I was getting desperate!

In the end I suggested we leave. But told them in no uncertain terms that we would be going straight home. No park, no friend and definitely no toy.

H considered this and decided he would try. I actually felt a little guilty at this point. I said he could sit on my lap in the dentist’s chair, which he agreed to. The dentist made it into a ‘game’ where all he wanted to do was count his teeth. H opened his mouth, well, if you can call it opening, the dentists mirror just about managed to squeeze through the gap! Ha!

But it was enough to see the teeth.

Yay!!!!! All done. I was so happy! A sticker was promptly given, much to H’s delight and I could see in his little face that he felt as though he’d really achieved something, which he had! He was ever so proud of himself, as was I and we all cheered and clapped!

Now all we had to do was get O in the chair but being notoriously more difficult than H, I wasn’t sure if this would be possible. He had just seen his brother do it, he knew it would be over with quickly, but still he was hiding.

I tried to be patient because I knew deep down he did want to do it. He’s not a naughty child but his shyness, nervousness and the fact that he’s so self concious was all preventing him. He didn’t want to be the only one that didn’t have his teeth looked at. I picked him up, cuddled him, sat him on my lap and talked gently to him. His mouth stayed tightly shut though until finally, he opened it just enough. Aww. Bless his heart.

Yay again… he did it! And like H, he was very pleased with himself afterwards which is something they both needed to feel, to realise that they CAN do it and really it’s not that bad.

A milestone met and conquered!

My babies are growing up and have now had their first successful visit to the dentist. I can’t tell you how pleased I was.

And just to let you know, the dentist counted all my childrens’ teeth and Teen has 14 on the top and 14 on the bottom, my Girl has 12 and the twins have ten! How funny! (I’ve also just counted mine and I have 16).. sorry but this just makes me chuckle for some reason!! (I don’t get out much!)

Teen has to go back for a filling, too many fizzy sports drinks I imagine. He is booked in at the end of the month, and I will be joining him too for a check up.

Eek! That’s if I can get in the chair ;)

NOW TV and Nickelodeon Favourites

NOW TV is a new to the market Freeview box for your home. Powered by Sky you can buy the tiny box for £9.99, wire it up to your TV and that’s it. What’s special about this freeview box is that you can watch programmes on demand on iPlayer, ITVplayer, 4OD and 5 on demand! You can also ‘buy’ flexible entertainment packages, like add-ons, you can have films, sports and entertainment you won’t find on other freeview boxes and the beauty of it is you can choose how many months you’d like to have them for. Just what we’d like… some real flexibility.

now tv box

The box is small and discreet

NOW TV has also just teamed up with Nickelodeon and Nick Jr to bring you the very best of kids television. You can now stream these channels through the box, how great is that? It’s sure to keep the children very happy indeed!

nickelodeon nicktv

To celebrate the collaboration with Nickelodeon there was a special launch event in central London, held at the brand new, swanky Ham Yard Hotel, in the heart of Piccadilly. And WE were invited!

Nowtv and Nickelodeon

Meeting the ever popular Spongebob as soon as we walked in was, of course, a highlight!! The Ham Yard Hotel is gorgeous and this mini bowling alley was part of the room in which the event took place! Very impressive I thought, as did the children who were firstly enjoying some colouring in time :)

nowtv and nickelodeon

There was face painting which was out of this world! I’ve never seen such professional looking paints and the artists themselves were brilliant. My daughter’s dragonfly on her arm was so intricate and pretty.

nickelodeon NOWtv

As well as being able to watch Nickelodeon cartoons on the tons of iPads and screens lying around and colouring in pictures, the children stuffed their faces (love these cupcakes) and we all had a game of bowling which was lots of fun!

This was a great event for the children as they’re ever so familiar with the Nickelodeon characters and programmes. I mean, my daughter will love watching the likes of Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, Bubble Guppies etc, but equally she’ll love to sit and watch iCarly and Victorious too, actually these are her favourites. My almost 5 yr old twin boys are fans of them all too, although they love watching Ninja Turtles as well!

Making the day even more special was seeing some of my favourite blogging friends at the event too with all their children. Ruth from Rocknrollerbaby, Katie from Modern Mummy and Jacinta from Jacintas3. What could be better than sharing a fab morning at an amazing place, helping to promote an amazing product and having fun with friends?

Actually the weather was gorgeous outside so afterwards Ruth, Katie and myself decided to spend the afternoon on the South Bank playing in the fountains and the huge beach (sandpit) that overlooks the Thames!

All the children are used to spending time together, get along really well and always have a great time!

It wasn’t just the kids though, us Mums got the chance to grab a spot of pampering, be it having a manicure or massage…

nowtv nickelodeon

Loved my manicure, and you can see my little face paint tattoo there too on my arm… well, why not?!

now tv nickelodeon

  Photobooth shenanigans! 


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the NOW TV event to welcome Nickelodeon into it’s growing family! Did you know that you can also watch boxsets on the NOW TV Box? AND turn your TV into a smart TV by downloading your favourite Apps? Plus there is NO CONTRACT for any of the services it offers, keeping you free to change your mind at any time.

I think it’s time to ditch the expensive packages and go for one of these :)

Thank you so much NOW TV and Nickelodeon for a fantastic morning.

NOW TV Nickelodeon

Goodie bags to take home!


I was invited along to celebrate the launch of Nickelodeon with NOW TV. I was given a NOW TV box free of charge to try out at home :)




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