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Shaun The Sheep Movie – A Review

Shaun The Sheep Movie

On Sunday I took my three youngest to London’s West End to see a special preview screening of new movie Shaun The Sheep, by Aardman (creators of Wallace and Gromit).

I’m  a massive Aardman fan. All the old favourites were on TV over Christmas and I really looked forward to watching them all with my children; The Wrong Trousers, A close Shave, A Grand Day Out etc…. I absolutely love them. They’re just so clever. The stoylines are ingenious and the characters are simply brilliant, each and every one of them!

Shaun The Sheep made little appearances in many of the old films and has since had his own claim to fame in a spin off kids TV show that my kids have watched. There was even another spin off from that which starred Shaun’s younger cousin Timmy, in popular CBeebies show Timmy Time, another one my children have enjoyed. He’s so cute and fans will be pleased to know that Timmy is in this new movie too!

When we arrived at Vue Leicester Square we were treated to some fun in the foyer, which was all decked out to look like a farmyard, complete with hay bales! My daughter joined in with some clay modelling!

shaun the sheep

After grabbing some popcorn, that was wrapped up to look like animal feed, we headed down to watch the film. I’ve been to a few previews of new movies over the past year or so, but I can tell you that none have been as busy as this one. Obviously Shaun has a very big fan base!

So what’s the film about?

Well all the sheep live on a farm and have, what they believe to be a very mundane, groundhog day type of existence so Shaun has the great idea of organising a day off! He thinks he’s doing the Farmer a favour too as even he seems very tired with the same old routine!

But, Shaun’s mischief accidentally causes the Farmer to end up in the Big City, miles away from home and the animals quickly realise that it’s no fun without the Farmer, they miss him and need him. So, in a story that reminds us how we often forget to appreciate the things we have, Shaun and the flock embark on a quest to find the Farmer and bring him home!

We are introduced to two new characters in this film, one being Trumper, the baddie, who is an Animal Welfare Warden who takes his job very seriously indeed, and Slip, a little city stray dog who makes friends with Shaun.

shaun the sheepMy three little film critics!

Our Verdict!

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

Like all the Aardman productions, the film was incredibly entertaining and jam packed full of laugh out loud moments! Cheeky, witty, silly, charming…. the attention to detail is utterly brilliant. Some of the scenes are just so funny, with often subtle but visual jokes, as well as the very obvious daft stuff which appeals to the very young! None of the characters actually speak in the film, like the TV series, they either grunt or makes noises, which only adds to the appeal and again, reiterates how clever the makers are in telling a fantastic story with no spoken words.

We loved it. It’s a fast paced, hilarious, action packed caper as the animals get caught up in all kinds of crazy situations as they search for their Farmer! It’s a fantastic family movie which everyone from the very, very young, to the very old will enjoy and find thoroughly entertaining.


SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE is released in UK cinemas on 6 February 2015.

In addition, if you have a tablet obsessed child at home (who hasn’t?)…. Aardman Animations have also released an all-new, action-packed game where only the fastest survive called Shear Speed and you can learn more about this game by watching this YouTube video:
Disclosure: I was offered some complimentary preview tickets for Shaun The Sheep, in return for an honest, family review. All words and opinions are our own.



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Project 365 Week 3 – 2015

So here we are at week 3 already. My twins have been off school most of the week with a horrible cough and cold which hasn’t been nice, and now I feel as though I may be coming down with it too! I hope it passes and doesn’t develop into a full blown episode!

Lots of work happening on our house which is disruptive, but it’s about to get a whole lot worse unfortunately!

Anyway, on to the photos….

 project 365 week 3 2015Day 11 Sunday 11th January – H practicing his pen holding technique. He’s struggling with his writing bless him.

project 365 week 3 2015Day 12 –  O photobombing the other two as they posed for this photo! Made me laugh so much!

costa coffee latteDay 13 – Nipped into town and stopped off for a cheeky Costa :)

iron man on the teleDay 14 – Had the twins off school today so we settled down to watch Iron Man on Netflix, he’s H’s favourite superhero. And I don’t mind a bit of Robert Downey Jnr ;)

kids watching tabletsDay 15 – Not too ill to join their sister for some tablet time!

 Day 16 – My daughter is obsessed with nail painting right now so we did a French Manicure on her! It was very difficult as her nails are so short but they looked ok(ish). She loved them! That’s pen on her finger by the way!

snow in hertfordshire 2015 Day 17 – Woke up and it started snowing! We weren’t expecting it and we were mega excited! We quickly shoved on coats and wellies (on top of pj’s of course!) and went into the garden for a play! It’s a good job we did because the snow stopped and disappeared an hour later!

I looked back on Week 3 actually from last year’s Project 365 and my boys had a cold then too! Must be a week 3 of the year thing! hehe. Hope you’ve all had a good week.

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Ben & Holly Return for Live Shows

ben and holly

The hugely popular Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom theatre production takes to the road again for a second UK & Ireland tour this year.  A BAFTA award-winning TV animation, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom comes from the makers of Peppa Pig and was produced for the stage by top children’s theatre producers Fiery Light Productions whose growing stable of work – which includes the stage adaptions of Peppa Pig and Octonauts – has now been seen by millions of children across the UK over recent years.  This stage version toured 2012 – 2013 and now returns for a 45-theatre engagement, opening at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford on 26 March 2015 and runs until 6th September.

We are huge fans of Ben and Holly, my youngest three have watched the show since they were babies and I believe we’ve seen every single episode, multiple times! Kids are drawn to it, the engaging loveable characters, the simple animation and the wonderful bright colours. It’s one of those kids programmes you don’t mind them watching, it’s adorable and even I could sit and watch back to back episodes!

ben and holly live tour

In this exciting new musical adventure, Ben and Holly have fun helping Gaston clean up his messy cave; they go on a trip to The Big World with tooth-fairy Nanny Plum; and still have time to plan a surprise for King Elf’s birthday party, complete with an unplanned jelly flood.

We will definitely be taking a visit to the magical, enchanting Little Kingdom, where the beautiful story of elves, princesses and childhood innocence will delight any family. The show will be packed with fun and games too!

You can usually find Ben and Holly on Nick Jr and on Channel 5’s Milkshake. It’s created by animation studio Astley Baker Davies, who also make Peppa Pig, and it’s aimed predominantly at pre-schoolers but I think older children love it too, even if they don’t like to admit it! The series won a BAFTA award for Best Pre-School Animation in 2009 and a British Animation Award for Best Pre-School Series in 2012.

For more information on dates and how to book tickets, visit

I will be running a competition at the end of this month to win a family ticket so don’t miss that!



Twin Tummy

pregnant twin tummy

This is me.

A very pregnant me with my twins, six years ago now. Actually it was around this time of year in 2009 that I found out I was pregnant, although I didn’t know I was expecting twins until quite a few weeks later!

How big is that tummy?

This was taken a couple of days before I went in to have my C-section in August, and by this point (35 weeks) I’d had enough. My tummy was incredibly heavy, as you can imagine it would be with two good sized babies inside, I was uncomfortable and everything was a struggle, but on the flip side of that I was also very attached to my bump and I didn’t want it to go.

I loved being pregnant with all of my children. Four children but three pregnancies! It’s such a beautiful, special time that I found indescribably magical. I know not everyone feels this way but apart from the early weeks with this one when I didn’t feel well, I loved every minute.

My twin pregnancy was obviously double that feeling. I felt brilliantly smug and clever at times that I had conceived twins, as though it pushed my Mummy status up a notch! I was just so proud.

However, my pregnancy was fraught with complications from the start and was very stressful. I needed to do all I could to ensure the wellbeing of my tiny sons and by this time in my pregnancy, after weekly specialist scans, I knew I was almost there. My boys had got to a good weight and this was the point my doctors had all hoped for so it was really the happiest time of my pregnancy.

After months of worrying, my identical twin boys were born healthy :)

I did love my tummy though, I look at this now and want to go back in time to experience it all over again, just for a little while!


 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Mama and More


Project 365 Week 2 – 2015

So week two done of Project 365, taking a photo a day for a year!

rugbyDay 4 – Sunday 4th January – Rugby match with Teen and my god it was freezing! The mist was hanging over the fields and I was so cold I couldn’t concentrate on the match at all! After half time I sneaked off to the car and put the heater on to warm my feet which were numb. Of course I missed a try that Teen made. Typical.

Day 5 – Last day of the Christmas holidays and we popped into town to pick up a few bits. The Christmas decorations were still there and they looked ever so pretty and serene. Almost looked out of place now that Christmas was over. The children sat on this sleigh and I seized the opportunity for a photo!

Day 6 –  Kids back to school. It was a real shock to the system I can tell you that much. My daughter has gymnastics on a Tuesday so we were cooking a quick dinner. Little hands helping here!

childrens haircutDay 7 – A much needed hair cut for the twins. They will only go to this salon, which is a bit pricier than everywhere else but it IS lovely and if it means they’ll sit and have their hair cut, then so be it!

Day 8 – Myself and two friends bagged some tickets for Cats at The Palladium. Nicole Sherzinger was starring (albeit a smaller role) and it was fabulous. We’d been out for dinner first and had a great night out!

Day 9 – Not the greatest of photo’s but we had some Panecotta from Christmas that we opened and dived into! Grabbed this photo after everyone had gone to bed and I realised I hadn’t taken one yet! Yikes, almost missed it! The cake was rather yummy though!

Day 10 – My beautiful boys, we had all just sat down ready to watch the new series of The Voice! Love it, and wasn’t Rita Ora amazing?

Hope you had a great week, see you here again next week for week 3!

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